Social Media for Talent Attraction

Social Media for Talent Attraction

Social Media for Talent Attraction

It’s no secret that social media will be a key channel for employer branding in the future. More than a third of senior executives believe that social media is the most important recruiting channel. According to a recent survey by Jobvite, 93 percent of recruiters use or plan on using social media for their recruiting efforts. Since social media is becoming such a large force in recruitment, organizations need to use their social media accounts properly to improve engagement.

Using Social Media Experts

In 2014, it was ruled that using social media experts to create campaigns for business accounts was dead. Everyone knows how to use social media now, right? There’s no need to hire a so-called specialist, right?

Actually, branding through social media is not easy, especially for employers and recruiters that are competing with bigger brands. One of Universum’s recent studies found that the bigger players post content that is between 10,000 and 100,000 times more engaging than the average. Obviously, the “average” group needs help with competing on social media.

A social media expert is more than someone who creates posts for a company. This person’s job is to analyze the latest trends for each site, analyze what is working for a particular company, and compare results with those of the competition. For companies that are struggling with engagement, hiring a social media expert is key.

Help for the In-House Social Media Manager

Even if a company doesn’t hire a social media professional for their accounts, there are several ways to increase engagement and increase recruitment results.

  1. Know your recruit. Create a profile of the ideal recruit and target that type of person with posts by creating content relevant to that demographic.
  2. Consistently answer questions posted on the company’s social media pages. This builds a rapport with visitors and elevates the business’s brand.
  3. The in-house social media manager needs to monitor the brand message every day and track content performance on a daily basis using tools such as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Page Insights. Monster suggests measuring engagement of your followers by recounting your retweets and your post comments, for example.

To bring in the best recruits possible, a company’s social media communications must be professional and engaging while staying within the company’s brand. When consistently used, employers will garner great results using social media.

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