Employer Branding Solutions

Building human capital is a vital activity in any growing business.

Today, the cost of finding talent is high.

At Universum, we’re passionate about empowering clients to grow great employer brands.

We’re experts in providing talent market insights, communication solutions and advisory services.

Bigger data, better results

For over 25 years, we have invested in building the largest career preference data set in the world. Each year, in over 55 countries, the Universum Ideal Employers Survey is delivered to millions of students, graduates and professionals. Deep partnerships with over 2200 universities and academic institutions ensure that our student preference reflects the areas and fields of studies that businesses are hiring from. Our unique multi-year data allows businesses to look at preference trends in the past and project these to future opportunities to communicate with talent in the right way. At Universum, we believe that bigger, better data gives our client partners a distinct advantage when building their talent attraction and retention strategies.

Attract the Best Talent

A great employer brand acts as a talent magnet. The best employer brands understand the unique, distinct and credible values of their company and build this into all of their talent communications. At Universum, our career preference data allows our client partners to not only look internationally and domestically at their own and competitors performance, but also zoom in directly to their target universities and even types of talent to unlock insights to becoming the number one employer of choice.

More than just data

Universum’s holistic employer branding process provides employers with a deeper understanding and knowledge of their brand image, competitors and Talent’s career preferences. We advise companies on optimal employer brand positioning and we work together with them to develop an employer brand image that is attractive, distinctive, credible and sustainable.

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How we can help you build a better and bigger Employer Brand

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