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Employer Branding Academy

Learn how YOU can win the war for talent!

Develop your employer brand expertise

Employer brand management is a complex and demanding profession. Do you feel you need some support in getting up to speed with the latest employer brand thinking? We can give you the tools and techniques you need with our globally recognized employer branding academy course.

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The Employer Branding Academy was a fantastic learning experience. I came out feeling more confident about the path we are taking, as well as empowered with the knowledge and tools you provided and inspired by the amazing things that others are doing. Really excited to start bringing the learnings to life as part of our program and keeping in touch with you and the network to continue progressing and evolving our efforts as time goes by.

Alina Chernin

Senior Manager, Global Internal Communications, Sciex

Upskill your team

Professional development is key to ensuring your team is fully engaged and enabled to deliver to the best of their abilities. If you believe this would benefit your team then we’d welcome the opportunity to invite your team to take our employer brand training course, or tailor aspects of the course to meet your specific needs.

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Activate your EVP internally

It’s great launching a new EVP! But success always depends on the consistency with which your team and organization understands and delivers on your promises. If you want to get this right then check out our tried and tested approach to EVP activation to ensure you successfully onboard everyone you need to make your new EVP and employer brand strategy a success.

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Online Training

The online program is completely flexible and fits easily around your schedule. You decide when and where you want to study. If you want to you can start your training today.

The online academy uses webinar based sessions, eliminating the need for travel and allowing you full access wherever you are.

How should I take the course?

The entire course is open to you right away and includes an introduction video, four modules and a final case project, so you can plan your time and complete the course at whatever pace you wish. We recommend setting a goal of reaching the Halfway Webinar at least 2 months in.

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