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Learn how we help you with a strategic approach

An EVP (Employer Value Proposition) is a set of promises. It clarifies what employees and candidates can expect to receive from a company as well as what that employer requires from them in return. It also serves as the strategic foundation upon which an employer designs and aligns the employee experience. An EVP is important because it outlines the employment deal and helps candidates understand why they should join and stay at the company.

At Universum, we work with companies of all different sizes and industries to develop and implement EVPs that serve as the strategic foundation for all future communication.

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When working with Universum, you will get access to a proprietary Employer Brand framework and methodology. We use a structured and data-driven approach in the EVP development process that allows you to:


>> Base your positioning on external as well as internal insights to ensure that you are not just focusing on your current strengths or your target group’s preferences, but both

>> Use data to define the foundation and to adapt your value proposition as needed for specific target groups or countries

>> Define metrics and set clear targets to keep track of your progress in attracting the right talent for the right reasons


We use qualitative and quantitative research to provide you with meaningful insights for the development of the value proposition.

How we help you to build a strategic Employer Value Proposition:

Using quantitative and qualitative research, we analyze three perspectives: First, we understand the strategic context to ensure the EVP aligns with the strategy, vision, and values. Second, we understand the current realities among employees to identify the internal truths to ensure that the EVP is credible and authentic. Third, we review Universum’s talent insights and preferences based on our global annual surveys of more than 1 million candidates to develop a relevant and attractive value proposition.

How we help you to build a strategic Employer Value Proposition:

The first part of the project is always about the discovery and understanding. We then work together with our clients to define an EVP that is attractive, true, credible, distinct and sustainable. The final deliverable will include a core proposition, pillars with reasons to believe and proof points. Once the EVP is developed, we support our clients to segment or localize the EVP as needed for specific target groups.

“The support we got from Universum was part of one of the best collaborations I’ve ever had with partners. When we started working on our EVP, we were looking for a partner that covered many countries because we are a global company and we need data that is comparable across different markets. Universum offers much more than just rankings in these markets. They also offer a lot of very valuable insights on what media formats that students consume and the specific behaviours of our target groups. From the data we received we were able to do a deep dive across markets and segment specific target groups. It’s a one stop shop!”

Christoph Knorn

Director, Global Employer Branding, Siemens

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