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Employer Brand Consulting

Sharpen Your Talent Proposition

Refresh your talent proposition

Given the ever-increasing pace of change in the talent market, leading employers are now reviewing and refreshing their Employer Value Propositions on a more frequent basis. If this is something you’re considering, find out how we can help you create a more compelling and differentiated EVP.

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The support we got from Universum was part of one of the best collaborations I’ve ever had with partners. When we started working on our EVP, we were looking for a partner that covered many countries because we are a global company and we need data that is comparable across different markets. Universum offers much more than just rankings in these markets. They also offer a lot of very valuable insights on what media formats that students consume and the specific behaviours of our target groups. From the data we received we were able to do a deep dive across markets and segment specific target groups. It’s a one stop shop!

Christoph Knorn

Director, Global Employer Branding, Siemens

Sharpen your messaging

The strongest employer brands are those most in tune with the needs and aspirations of different target audiences. Do you need to get more in tune with talent preferences? Find out how we can provide you with a richer understanding of the talent you need to succeed.

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Create a winning strategy

Fulfilling everyday recruitment needs often means you lose sight of the bigger picture. If you feel you need a broader outside-in perspective on market trends and emerging best practices, check out our strategy work-out and roadmap.

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