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Talent Insights

Tune Into Your Key Target Audience

The Most Attractive Employers

Every year Universum surveys over 1 million students and professionals worldwide to identify the brand image status of the most attractive employers. Check below whether your company has been identified as a top employer in your market.

It’s essential to use data to drive our Employer Branding and marketing strategy. Universum provides valuable and constructive information to enable Microsoft to make decisions that attract high quality candidates and strengthen our employer brand. Universum’s survey platform supports Microsoft’s understanding of the market dynamic and our positioning within the competitive landscape.”

Melanie Sharpe

Senior University Recruiting Manager, Asia Pacific, Greater China & Japan, Microsoft

Employer Brand Report

If you have been listed by Universum as a top employer in your market, you can purchase an in-depth report that will provide guidance on improving your attractiveness to your key talent audiences.

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Talent Insight Report

If your company has not been identified as a top employer in your market, we can provide you with valuable guidance on how you can strengthen your company’s employer brand through a better understanding of your target audience’s needs, and the tools and techniques used by leading employers to win the war for talent.

Check for markets where these reports are available.

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