Spain Joins the Global Employer Branding and University Reputation Conversation

Spain Joins the Global Employer Branding and University Reputation Conversation

Universum CEO, Petter Nylander

Universum attends University Employability Conference as a panelist and organizes an Employer Branding Advisory Board meeting for clients and special guests in Madrid.

Stockholm, SwedenOctober 9th, 2018 – Last week Universum attended the Building Universities Reputation (BUR) conference, an international forum on the reputation of universities from all over the globe held in Spain. The University of Navarra, which hosted and organized the three-day event at their new campus in Madrid, invited Universum’s CEO, Petter Nylander, to talk and share insights on the topic of how alumni employability affects university rankings.
Petter presented some of Universum’s university findings on different talent target groups in Spain and discussed Spanish students’ behavior and preferences when it comes to choosing their future employers and how these preferences compare with their peers internationally.

“As the Spanish and global economy improves there is a need for many organizations to attract new talent and bring in new competencies; a task which applies just as much to companies as to educational institutions,” said Universum, CEO, Petter Nylander. He continued “It is important to understand and address the latest talent trends and learn about the next generations’ preferences when it comes to careers, education and future ambitions. We know for example that compared with their peers worldwide, Spanish students, are comparatively more interested in leadership opportunities at work and the practical aspects of their curriculum at school.”

Increasingly, students are gauging the attractiveness of the universities they attend on their own personal level of employability after graduation, which is why educational institutions need to pay attention to how their current students and alumni perceive them to cater their future careers.

“We invited Petter Nylander to speak at this year’s event, to better understand how to operate in a highly competitive employment and branding environment,” indicate sources in the organizing team of the conference.  “Knowing how companies and universities are perceived is not only highly relevant for employers but also critical for universities. Students are the workforce of the future and depend on us to provide them with proper training. Knowing what they want in order to attract, investigate the insights to recruit, and understand the strategies in order to retain talent in the business are the main reasons for us wanting to hear first-hand experiences from Petter and Universum.”  

During his first visit to Spain as CEO of Universum, Petter also participated in the first private Spanish Employer Branding advisory board, where high-level executives from some of Spain’s Most Attractive Employers gathered to share and discuss emerging global and local Employer Branding trends, talent management, and youth employment topics. Universum holds several Advisory Board sessions and keynotes around the world to continue leading the way as the thought leader in the Employer Branding landscape together with several of the world’s most attractive employers and educational institutions.

“The Advisory Board executives helped amplify knowledge, share experiences and raise our understanding of Employer Branding in Spain to a global playing field so that we can make more informed decisions. It’s essential for companies and universities as talent magnets to think with an international mindset, especially when Spanish talent already do.” Said Universum Country Manager for Spain, Rafael Garavito.  
He continued “The invitation to the BUR conference has enabled a space for us to highlight the great performance of Spanish educational institutions. This year five Spanish universities were ranked among the 100 most associated with high employability and overall student satisfaction in Europe. Another great news for Universities happened this week as Petter took the opportunity to unveil Universum’s newest international brand perception analysis tool, which is newly available for partner universities. Making this a great opportunity for Universities to work on their reputation and visibility both locally and internationally.”
Universum Country Manager for Spain, Rafael Garavito, finished by saying: “We were very pleased to welcome our CEO to Madrid for the first time and appreciate the kind invitation from the University of Navarra to contribute to their event, and thankful for the time invested by the executives that took part of the Universum Advisory Board.”

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