Stay Away from Office Romance

Stay Away from Office Romance

Stay Away from Office RomanceFamiliar with the term work husband or wife? Apparently eight out of ten people in Great Britain would like to find their perfect match at work, reports hrm Asia. Based on a survey of 2000 men and women done by dating site Fling.com, the English find it easier to be able to court their partner on the job, as daily interactions between colleagues is considered less “awkward” than having to approach unknown strangers in the pub. Then there is the fact that most people, hopefully, spend more time at work than in their local bar. It should only be natural then for single colleagues to consider finding their future partner on the job.

61% of women find powerful men to be more attractive

Interestingly, men and women of course have different interests and it couldn’t get any more stereotypical. The survey results showed that 73% of women want to date a man in a senior role, naturally because 61% find powerful men to be more attractive than say a guy at the bottom of the hierarchy. Men, however, were more attracted to dating a junior staff member and 80%, shame on them, loved it when female colleagues wore what can be considered as sensual work attire.

In short, a little office romance certainly doesn’t hurt, or does it? On the contrary, the survey results showed that 75% of the respondents would have a hard time concentrating at work if the object of their affection was present. More importantly, what would happen if the relationship goes awfully wrong and creates a situation of contention? A person certainly wouldn’t want to change jobs just because he or she can’t stand the sight of their ex. Although an office romance might sound like a good idea, it’s simply not!

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