Students in the UK say “No” to Europe

Students in the UK say “No” to Europe

Only one company UKheadquarteredin continental Europe makes it to the top 10 list in the latest Universum index of employer attractiveness.

Based on the preferences of over 15,000 university students in the UK, Universum releases the talent attraction index “UK’s Ideal Employers 2013”. In the Business category, Google takes the first position, followed by Apple and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). In the Engineering/IT category, Google is number one, followed by Microsoft and Apple.
“This is the first time Google makes it to number one in both rankings, and similar to the Google phenomena seven years ago, Facebook is now jumping directly to the top in many countries”, says Claudia Tattanelli, Universum’s Global Director.

Surprisingly, only one company headquartered in continental Europe has made it to the top 10 this year.
“With so much talk about an ‘in our out referendum’ regarding UK’s European Union membership, students are already saying ‘No’ to the European companies. Last year both L’Oréal and BMW had made it to the top 10, but now both are out. Only KPMG, a professional services firm, remains in the list but dropped 2 positions to place 10”, says Joao Araujo, Universum’s Global Marketing Director.

The research reveals new dramatic findings:

The power of the city is back: Investment banks are more popular in the UK than in other countries

In many other countries where Universum conducts its employer attraction study, investment banks have dropped in the rankings, but in the UK they are still keeping the top positions. In the business ranking, Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan, Barclays and HSBC are all on top 10. “The strength of banking in the UK is also the outcome of the work that financial companies are doing to attract and retain the best talent”, comments Ms. Tattanelli.

Technology and accounting are hot

The engineering/IT ranking is dominated by tech companies. Employers like Microsoft and Apple are seen as innovative which is considered an attractive attribute among students. In the business ranking, auditing and accounting is a popular industry with employers that are climbing on the rankings.

 Successful employers offer professional development and work/life balance

The most important career goal for the UK students is to have work/life balance. Job security and to be competitively or intellectually challenged are also essential. When it comes to job characteristics, the students want most of all to have professional training and development. “Even if the job market is getting tougher, the willingness to work in a flexible working environment and to have continuous development still prevails for this generation”, observes Mr. Araujo.

Women are attracted to an inclusive environment

More than their male counterparts, the female engineering students choose companies in retail and FMCG as their ideal employers. “It should be an eye opener for companies trying to attract female engineers. Women chose employers they think as inclusive and where they know other women already work. Employers have to become better at offering an open work environment and targeting female candidates with the right messages”, concludes Ms. Tattanelli.
The first 10 ideal employers, segmented by main field of study:

UK’s Top 10—Business/Commerce
1. Google
2. Apple
3. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
4. Goldman Sachs
5. J. P. Morgan
6. Barclays
8. Ernst & Young
9. Bank of England
10. KPMG

UK’s Top 10—Engineering/IT
1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. Apple
4. Rolls-Royce
5. IBM
6. Sony
7. Intel
8. BAE Systems
9. BBC
10. Jaguar Land Rover

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