Rejection machine — The last recruitment taboo?

Rejection machine — The last recruitment taboo?

Rejection machine — The last recruitment taboo?

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Do you work in a recruitment team or a rejection team? It’s possible that you have not considered your role in this light before. Many employers decline far more candidates than they ever hire. The world’s most popular employers will always have to deal with declining large numbers of candidates. However, due to the impact of the global economic crisis, employers of all sizes, from small start-ups to multinational conglomerates are facing the issue of declining candidates in large numbers. Today’s rejects are possible future lateral hires and potential customers or business partners – do your processes protect your employer brand against this threat?

BCG Belgium Presents How Companies Should Engage with Students

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The BCG Strategy Cup Perfectly Exemplifies How Companies Should Be Engaging with Talent The Boston Consulting Group’s recent business case competition in Belgium perfectly illustrates how organizations should engage with […]

Can companies get graduates with the right level of skills?

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Colleges are responsible for educating students as well as preparing them for their adult lives. However, when recent graduates enter the job market, employers feel that students are ill-equipped. Sadly […]

Talent in the Emerging Markets

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by Kerrianne Lim Joon The world is changing rapidly, and on many fronts. It is now not uncommon to hear or read about economic turmoil, geopolitical unrest and more frequent and […]

Top 3 desired attributes in new hires

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What are the top 3 most important personal qualities sought after in a new hire? In terms of cultural fit, the personality type you are looking for in a new […]

Four dos to connect MBAs

Four dos to connect MBAs

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  Career decisions depend on personal connection  By Julia Zupko, Senior Associate Director, Career Management, Chicago Graduate School of Business (GSB)  Developing strong personal relationships with students allows you to convey […]