What Is Employer Branding?

Quick facts on the use of social media for employers and job seekers

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Recently there has been a wealth of articles on the use of social media in recruiting, talent management and branding. Yet again, here is another report communicating some interesting findings […]

Usage of top online communities USA

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Source: recruitingtrends.com via Universum on Pinterest

Top 3 Social Media channels for Employer Branding

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Which Social Media Channels do you use or are present in for Employer Branding purposes? The top 3 social media channels are: 1. Facebook (32%) 2. LinkedIn (27%) 3. Twitter […]

Build a phenomenal candidate experience

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Well-spoken, relaxed, genuine, and generally funny, Steve grabbed the audience’s attention at the Universum Awards in Sweden. Steve Fogarty, responsible for recruitment innovation and strategy at the adidas Group, presented: […]

Avoid the gibberish

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Thanks to Sirona Says I came across this very amusing, but true video on why we should avoid communicating anything that is judged: Worthless Uninteresting Boring Nonsense Gibberish. To avoid blah […]

Channel surfing student style

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Print ads, brochures, Facebook, Campus events. Finding the right communication channels has mainly been guesswork. Not so anymore: a new Universum survey shows just what channels grab student attention, and […]