View of the 2020 Talent Market

View of the 2020 Talent Market

View of the 2020 Talent Market

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Over 2000 CEOs and HR professionals give their view of the future talent market Personality and communications skills considered most important in new hires Only 3 of 10 professionals surveyed […]

A 2014 Perspective of Recruitment in Asia-Pacific

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What’s changing and what’s creating pressures on the talent market in Asia-Pacific? Lim Soon Heng from BFM 89.9 The Business Station interviews Rachele Focardi, Senior vice president of talent strategy […]

Poor Job Prospects at Home Force British Students to Look Towards China

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The number of British students now studying in China has gone up some 25%, from 3,174 to 4,250 students over the past five years. This is according to Newsbeat reporter Natalie Ostroff […]

Universum provides insights on the upcoming trend of Life Careerism

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Work-life balance is the no. one career goal of college graduates in the US.  What does this mean exactly? And how does it affect companies? Melissa Murray Bailey, President of […]

Can companies get graduates with the right level of skills?

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Colleges are responsible for educating students as well as preparing them for their adult lives. However, when recent graduates enter the job market, employers feel that students are ill-equipped. Sadly […]

Cannot Bring the Human Out of Recruitment

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According to Heather Huhman on Mashable, technology will help HR recruit the best candidates. From video interviews to social media and big data, she says that it’ll be easier for […]

Goldman Sachs fancies work-life balance

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Goldman Sachs fancies work-life balance. Goldman Sachs is asking its junior employees to work regular hours and avoid overtime, reports Sarah Butcher on eFinancialCareers. They will in turn recruit more analysts […]

Future trends presented by the 2013 HR tech conference

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Future trends presented by the 2013 HR tech conference. HR professionals claim that the world of recruiting has and continues to change dramatically. In the past, one would broadcast jobs. According to […]

Capturing the Game-Changers

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Never before have people been more important to a company’s future success than today. The growing complexity of the world and the accelerating speed of change make future development harder […]

Has Google gone loony?

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Has Google gone loony? Google is one of the most successful, ubiquitous and increasingly strange companies, reports McCracken and Grossman in their article “The Audacity of Google”. What makes Google special […]