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Employer Branding isn’t rocket science, but to do it successfully you require the right tools and know-how.

Develop a better understanding on the value of employer branding and its critical role in the long-term success of your organization. Universum’s Talent Intelligence Platform is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to develop and improve your employer branding strategy allowing you to compete with bigger brands.

By acquiring a deeper understanding of the business plan and talent needs of your organization, you will be able to argue for, anchor and spread employer branding issues internally.



Join over 200+ HR professionals in becoming an expert in attracting, onboarding, and retaining top talent.

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What’s included:

  • Employer Branding education through our online education platform complete at your own pace
  • Recruitment education to be able to link business objectives with recruitment needs
  • Target group research insights for your local market allow you to create stories that break through the noise from other brands
  • Helpful content and operational tools to point you in the right direction
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest HR trends and reports
  • HR templates to make your job easier and more organized
  • Talent Communication framework to understand what it takes to get clear and consistent messages across and whether what you are saying is differentiating you.
  • Case studies and industry insights to keep you on top of your game
  • Webinars with employer branding leaders

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Talent Intelligence Platform

Strengthen your talent strategies with employer branding & recruitment education, insights, and templates.

Compete for talent against larger brands by utilizing the platform and insights.


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Talent Intelligence Toolbox

To supplement the Talent Intelligence platform, you will have access to the Universum Toolbox, consisting of seven toolkits each focusing on one key element of your employer branding strategy.


Stocksy_txp058660bciic000_Small_743742-Talent Strategy Toolkit

Understand today’s market for talent, by defining your needs and priorities. Your strategic and operational tool to capture the right talent and reduce cost-per-hire, helping you identify key strengths and challenges.



keep-your-employees-happy– Attractive Talent Offer Toolkit

Develop your talent strategy, formulate your talent offer and set engaging objectives. Your toolkit to define key target groups, set your employer value proposition, compensation and benefits.



Happiness-Index Talent Communication Toolkit

Develop the right message and select the most effective channels. Find out the truth for your organization so you can communicate it.



hapiness-test-2– Gaining Support Toolkit

Make talent attraction part of your corporate DNA: Monitor your talent investments, build employee commitment, and set your goals and KPIs.




Internal EB assessment– How to Manage the Next Generation of Leaders Toolkit

Focus on employing, training, and retaining Millennials. Gain insights on Millennial’s requirements of future employers.




Stocksy_txp212fb870Z6O000_Medium_209730 GEM– How to Attract High Achievers

Develop a work environment that attracts high achieving Millennial talent and allows them to thrive.




future leaders 2– Cost of Talent Toolkit

A practical roadmap for HR professionals to reduce time to hire, reduce cost-per-hire, and save money on recruitment.




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