Technology talent is in short supply

Technology talent is in short supply

Technology talent is in short supply


Technology talent is in short supply. According to Marta Heller on CFO, it’s rare to find an IT talent who also has business acumen. Some 70 per cent of IT executives questioned said that their dream scenario would be to give their technologists business skills. The reason, executives said, is that their IT people failed to see and understand their work in a business context.

Based on this feedback, Heller provides some recommendations on how companies can empower technologists with a very much needed business perspective.

1. Get your IT talent involved in rotational programs so they can acquire new skills and learn different parts of your business.
2. Get the various departmental heads to meet regularly with your senior IT personnel so that they can be briefed on business objectives and priorities.
3. Allocate technologists to various departments so that they become customer relationship managers and learn skills outside of their area of expertise.
4. Create a buddy programme so that one senior business leader is friends with a senior IT talent, so that they can share knowledge, experiences and gain new insights on business critical areas.

Heller points out that the task to educate technologists about business is a difficult one, as they are people who are inclined to be extremely focused on their area of expertise. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge worth taking on as the combination of IT talent plus business acumen will be a huge asset for companies in the future.

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