The Challenge of Life Careerism

The Challenge of Life Careerism

The challenge of life careerismDifferentiation. This is the response many employers offer when asked about their foremost challenge of talent attraction and employer branding. But an over eagerness to communicate has become confusing to students: many employers are associated with too many things. They are enthusiastic about communicating all their advantages, from benefits packages to great managers, education to clear career paths and teamwork. All of these advantages give students a general idea of a decent employer, but not one that is distinctive: they don’t differentiate the employer from other employers. Young candidates are left with a broad, ambiguous image and their questions remain unresolved.

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Top 4 Action Points to take from the Talent Agenda:

  • Optimize your employee value proposition to emphasize culture and reason
  • Stimulate innovation, empowerment and social responsibility
  • Develop a career path for work and life
  • Engage in conversation in social media