The fight for brainpower

The fight for brainpower

To be competitive in the 21st Century, companies need to build their human capital. Business success depends on the competence of one’s workforce and their ability to deliver on business objectives. Yet, finding the right and competent people in today’s world is challenging…Why?

• Shifts in demographics, from the ageing population in Western Europe to the one child policy in China, affects the supply and demand of top talent.
• Gaps between university degrees and the skills really needed by companies make finding the right people challenging at best.
• The decline in the number of students enrolling in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has aggravated the supply chain of highly skilled workers.
• The flexibility of today’s workforce, with people moving across industries and grabbing opportunities where they exist, has increased recruitment competition.

All these factors have created: “The fight for brainpower”.

Yet to achieve business growth, securing talent becomes one of the most important strategic objectives. Employers need to work constantly on their employment marketing and ask themselves…

• How to get the right people
• How to meet both short & long term recruitment needs
• And how to build the ideal workforce to achieve their business plan

Now, how about you?

• Have you ever compared your staff engagement to that of your competitors?
• Do you believe your brand position is true and competitive?
• How can you beat the competition, if you don’t know their strengths and weaknesses?
• And what about your communication budget… How can you be sure it’s money well spent?
• Are you using the right channels to reach talent?
• And do you know what they really want to hear?

Go beyond recruitment and focus on “employer branding”. Recruitment is short term whereas employer branding is a long term effort. By working strategically with your employer brand on a long term basis, you will be able to secure talent and achieve business growth.

We at Universum work closely with clients for the long term to achieve tangible results. We help build your brand to capture talent and work closely together to achieve your goals.