The Importance of Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing

The Importance of Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing

The Importance of Comprehensive Recruitment Marketing Christopher Brablc on SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Technology Blog gives the reader a general overview of what should be considered in an organization’s recruitment marketing mix. The situation is complex and requires that HR people adopt a comprehensive approach in order to better execute and measure activities.

The list of the most common initiatives that form part of a typical organizations recruitment plan is indeed long. Without going into an explanation of each process but to merely illustrate the complexity of managing an array of efforts, HR people have to handle among many other tasks: candidate attraction, recruitment volumes, candidate development, campus recruiting, employee referrals, targeted hiring, social recruiting and marketing, mobile recruiting and marketing, international recruitment, employer brand strategy and development, candidate experience and so on. All of these initiatives are imperative to an organizations recruitment effort.

However, as Brablc points out, the challenge for any HR professional is to treat all of the above in one interconnected manner and make everything work together to help the organization achieve its overall recruitment strategy. Today, it’s common that most HR professionals use between two to five different systems, not to mention an application tracking system. Thus, the question that follows is: “How is it possible for an HR person to execute and measure the success of a comprehensive strategy, if he or she is using a number of different technology solutions and systems?”

In helping HR professionals set up a comprehensive approach, Brablc provides three guiding recommendations to achieve an overarching effort. Firstly, ensure that all initiatives are consistently heading to the same direction or goals. Secondly, ensure that there is transparency in each function to get an overview of the general performance. Thirdly, gain insights or analytics on each process to measure effectiveness and ineffectiveness in your recruitment efforts.

In conclusion, Brablc advises companies to come up with an integrated approach and use one technology system to meet all needs. By doing so, it will be easier to execute and measure the organization’s efforts to ensure that the company is heading in the right direction and, more importantly, it’ll be a sustainable approach.


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