The steps to generate engaging employer brand content

The steps to generate engaging employer brand content


The steps to generate engaging employer brand content. Content marketing is a hot topic at the moment. How can it be made relevant for employer branding professionals?

According to Brad Miller from Search Engine Watch, if you want to generate great content, you need to find the sweet spot between the free creative process and what data and analytics show are the topics of interest.

The same can apply to employer branding in terms of trying to build engagement. Explore freely new topic ideas that you would like to write about your company and promote. See via your analytics what subject material about your company gets the most interest and engagement. Thereafter, connect the two processes and fill any gaps with new subject material, content you might not have initially thought of.

If you want to be a distinctive employer, you definitely need to find a passionate and authentic voice, and being driven by data metrics might just prevent you from doing that. The above process may just help you to create more engaging content.

More importantly, you may also want to encourage and give free reign to your brand ambassadors to communicate freely, without censorship or control of what to say and not to say. If you don’t, your corporate communications will be stale and void of authenticity. In short, you want to avoid fabrication.

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