The top 10 stories in January

The top 10 stories in January

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Here are the top 10 stories of last month:

1. 6 competencies for a successful HR professional

According to “the largest global study ever on human resource professionals” there are 6 competencies you must have to become a successful HR professional. Read more to find out how to become one, and how to build an effective HR department. Read more

2. 13 ways Millennials view work differently

Young people who are entering the workforce have an entirely different view than their parents. According to a recent study by a Yale professor, starting to work in a recession creates attitudes that could last up to 20 years. Read more

3. What is your Employee Value Proposition?

Why would top talent in your industry want to work for you? The answer shouldn´t only be written in words, it should be a part of your company’s culture. New studies show that in the tough job market it’s the culture, and not a high salary, that is important for employees. Read more

4. IKEA got thousands of applicants without spending money on media

In Australia, IKEA has been running a recruitment campaign, from which they got over 4000 quality applicants, without spending a dollar on media. By using their own specific channels and tone of voice, they successfully hired almost 300 staff to a new department store. Read more

5. 5 habits of a great recruiter

Here is a list of 5 things most successful recruiters do. How to measure being successful can of course always be discussed, but if you have a proactive approach and are open to new influences you are already ahead of many others. Read more

6. How to recruit passive candidates

The best candidates are often the passive ones, and the process of recruiting them is completely different from how to recruit active job seekers. Does your company have a strategy for how to attract and hire the passive candidates? Read more

7. Recruitment in 2012

Over the past years, the way we think about work and recruitment has changed. Gone are the days when everyone was a regular employee, working all hours from the office and wanted the job that paid the most. Two of the reasons are of course the turbulent economy and new technical tools. Read more

8. Have your employees spread your employer brand

Getting your employees involved in your recruitment marketing, should be a part of your employer branding strategy. Reason being, you can get referrals and help candidates to better understand your organization.      Read more

9. HR 2012 forecasts

What are your predictions for 2012? “More Social, More Data, More Job Boards, More Acquisitions…” says John Sumser in HR Examiner. He presents 13 hot topics and explains how they will affect you this year.          Read more

10. 10 tips when using social media for recruiting

The awareness of the commitment it takes to use social media for recruitment is increasing; nevertheless, there are still a lot of misconceptions and mistakes made. Do you know where to find your audience online? Moreover, do you have interesting and engaging content on your profiles? Read more