Tools that can help boost productivity levels

Tools that can help boost productivity levels

Technology in the handsIt’s a new year and with it comes new initiatives and plans to get things done quicker and better. To make sure that employees are harnessing the energy that comes with a new start, it might be worth considering tools and resources to make life easier and ultimately more productive.

If it’s to keep track of to-do lists, to keep information always readily available and to learn how to be efficient and effective by implementing a certain best practice, Les McKeown on Inc.com does the job by recommending the tools and resources that could possibly help people stay on top of their game in 2014.

What are the best tools for personal productivity?

Basically, McKeown suggests Evernote for classifying and keeping information, Omnifocus for creating and keeping track of to-do lists, and advises people to read and implement the methodology put forward in the book Getting Things Done, written by David Allen, to learn how to become more productive. Moreover, he recommends a scanner to store information digitally, as it’s easier to classify and extract, and he lists two books that can help with using Evernote and Omnifocus.

The world of technology is certainly under constant change and it’s hard for anyone to keep track of what are the latest gadgets. Thus an article like this one can save a person time by simply recommending the best tools to use to make it easier to achieve career and personal goals.

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