Top 3 benefits that Gen Ys bring to the workforce

Top 3 benefits that Gen Ys bring to the workforce

Every generation looks at the other with critical eyes. We are all too familiar with the generation gap: the lack of communication between one and another, especially between the young and the old, due to differences of tastes, values, outlook, and different world experiences.

Gen Xers and Baby Boomers often criticize Gen Ys, dubbed the Peter Pan, Trophy, Boomerang generation and more. They’re seen as delaying adulthood and have a greater sense of entitlement, wanting to be praised, thanked and rewarded for everything good that they do.

True, generations differ by region, depending on social, economic and cultural factors. Yet, Gen Y has been defined by the revolutionary progress made in communications, media, and digital technologies. In most parts of the world, Gen Y has also had an upbringing influenced by neo-liberalism, both political and economic.

If we look at the positives and exclude the negatives, what does Gen Y bring more of to the table that Gen Xers and Babyboomers might not necessarily excel in?

From those that participated in the Universum talk, one in two people see that Gen Ys are extremely tech-savvy and this enables them to be extremely productive.

Being entitled the “Net Generation”, they’re enthusiastic users of social media, giving them a strong competitive advantage in networking potential and they also embrace globalization, being more culturally adept than any other previous generation (according to 35% of voters).

Lastly, but not least, being the social media generation, they’re also perceived as being more open, a given for young people nowadays that have no qualms about publicly exposing themselves.

Gen Ys top three competitive strengths in the workforce are:

  • Productivity due to being tech-savvy
  • Networking potential & global mindedness
  • Openness

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Gen Ys benefits brought to workforce

Gen Ys benefits brought to workforce