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“Our partnership with Universum is indispensable. The data they provide about what’s on the minds of students isn’t simply interesting – it plays an integral role in our continuous evolution of leading-edge career education and employer relations models. Plus, they are responsive, friendly folks to work with!”

L. Michelle Tullier, Executive Director Center for Career Discovery and Development, Georgia Institute of of Technology

“The cooperation with Universum is a definite asset for our university.

Our students receive an independent assessment of their career profile and salary opportunities on the job market. We as a university receive helpful benchmarking information in comparison to competing institutions and an unfiltered student opinion on key attributes such as: university culture, communication channels to reach the student body, career services and university satisfaction.”

Jeanna Nikolov-Ramirez, Project and Process Manager, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna

“From my side I enjoy seeing the insight, opinion, and personalities of our students through this research. It also enables us to see where and how students are going about looking for employment, this helps us to up our game and allow us to tap into those mediums knowing the students will see our content.

As we are able to see which companies our students would like to work for, we can use this data to approach interested employers.

Universum provides us with vital information on how to better understand the needs of our students, which has allowed us to serve them better.

It is always a pleasure and a great honor to work closely with Universum as the research that we receive teaches us how to be more responsive to our students based on the outcomes and this info can be filtered to the relevant channels. The Universum survey guides us in terms of the preferred communication channels used by our students. The outcomes also keeps us informed of what students think of our offerings and how they perceive of university.”

Ronel Rizzo, Graduate & Student Placement, Nelson Mandela University

“We at the Career Center IMC Krems really appreciate the long-term cooperation and, above all, the service of the CareerTest by Universum. The prepared documents, the analyses and the all-round service including all presentations is an absolute added value for us. In addition, the results represent a great basis for our strategic planning with regard to our internal offers for our students. Many thanks to Universum, especially Ms. Maria Klebanova for this. We are very much looking forward to the further cooperation.“

Nicolas Aron, Career Service Staff Member, IMC Krems

“We are grateful to Universum for the valuable contribution they give us through talent research with the Career Services survey. The information and perception of our students is very useful to us, in addition to all the support, service and professionalism of their collaborators.

Glad to keep in touch and working collaboratively!”

Elizabeth González de la Torre, Accreditations and Certifications Manager, Universidad Panamericana, Campus Guadalajara

“We greatly value our long-standing partnership with Universum. The feedback from our students is a critical component of maintaining the quality of our education. To share and discuss the survey findings, we regularly invite the staff from our academic departments. The annual survey results also will be integrated into our marketing strategy. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. We really appreciate continuing this successful collaboration.”

Birgit Marktl, Business & Career Service, FH Kärnten

As part of our mission to connect talent with the future, Universum partners with world leading universities to engage top talent in our annual research. We help universities understand their students’ career aspirations and employer expectations, adopt best practices for employer relations, improve career services quality and position their university brands. Together, Universum and top universities are creating a more transparent world around education and career readiness.

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