Universum Global Unveils Social Media Analytics & Listening Tool Tailor-Made for the Talent Attraction Industry

Universum Global Unveils Social Media Analytics & Listening Tool Tailor-Made for the Talent Attraction Industry

Employer branding thought leaders release their latest innovation that allows employers to ascertain how their social media posts are perceived by the talent they are trying communicate with.

Stockholm, October 11th, 2017 – Today Universum Global launched Access Social, the first social media analytics and listening tool of its kind, developed specifically for the Employer Branding industry. In the increasingly competitive and challenging fight to recruit the best talent available, Access Social, alleviates two of the biggest concerns every employer has what stories to tell and how those posts will be perceived.
Access Social is based on Universum’s unique and renowned research framework which combines quantitative and qualitative data to create a unique Employer Brand monitor, which helps our client’s measure how they’re being perceived by talent. Employers can use their subscription to Access Social to measure their messaging hit-rate, benchmark themselves against competitors and elevate their social media presence through better spent advertising dollars.

“For many years now Universum has predicted that social media would become the main platform to reach talent and our annual talent and employer research shows a strong year on year increase” said Universum’s Managing Director Americas, Jonna Sjövall. She continued “with social media usage taking up more of our time than ever before, employers can no longer afford to make assumptions regarding when and what to communicate to talent. This is why having a social messaging monitor mirroring our yearly surveys is the perfect tool for companies to achieve better ROI”.

Access Social takes career-related social media posts directly from employers’ Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and puts them in front of talent. Talent will then assess what they think the employer is trying to say, mapping back the post to Universum’s framework of employer attractiveness built up of 40 attributes. For example, if an employer posts content on their Facebook careers page with the intention to be seen as a flexible workplace, Access Social will establish whether the content was associated with flexibility and thus had the expected outcome. It will also tell you how similar posts made by competitor’s posts were perceived.

Universum CEO, Petter Nylander said “This is Universum’s most ambitious move into tech so far. It’s a beautiful combination of what we know and what we want to find out. Our research has always been our core, and now we have utilized our 29 years of research experience and combined our unique research framework with the growing power of social media to create an online tool our clients can log on to 24/7 to measure their effectiveness and benchmark their Employer Branding efforts on social media. How communication is perceived has always been a big question in the Employer Branding industry. Now we have the answer and soon our clients will too.”

Yearly subscriptions to Access Social include:

  • 12 months of Social Media analysis for you and three recruitment competitors on either Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • 3 months of retrospective analysis based on your chosen three channels.
  • Quarterly reports presented by our social media analyst to measure ROI and improvements
  • Access to our global social media best practice library consisting of 100+ employers monitored through the platform.
  • Onboarding and technical support.


Chairman of the Board Universum Americas, China Gorman said “This is the next exciting chapter for Universum and the perfect extension of our well established globally syndicated talent research.  It truly helps employers to cut through the noise, measure their brand strength and simply be better on social media”.

Access Social will be included in selected membership tiers together with Universum’s syndicated research and other Employer Branding insights. Request a free live demo or read more about Access Social here


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