The Universum Love Manifesto

The Universum Love Manifesto

universum love

 Universum is a love business

If you believe what we believe we’d love to work with you.

  • We believe in building employer brands that talent will fall in love with.
  • We believe brand love is built on intimate understanding. This is why everything we do is founded on robust data, expert analysis, highly targeted and actionable insights.
  • We believe talent is attracted by strong purpose and unique character. This is why we strive to help companies define and articulate the qualities that make them special.
  • We believe stories are more powerful than slogans. This is why we help companies engage the pride and advocacy of their people to bring their stories to life.
  • We believe the most successful companies love to learn. This is why we constantly bring people together to share winning practices and identify the best of what’s new and next.
  • We believe that work can be a life-enhancing adventure, and the organizations that grasp this are the ones that attract extraordinary talent and deliver extraordinary results.