Universum Reaches One Million

Universum Reaches One Million


Universum Reaches the Unprecedented One Million Mark

Gathering invaluable insights on what Talent want from Employers and from their careers

Today Universum celebrates a historical moment in its history. Surveying students at the top universities across the world for over two decades, gathering insights on their preferences over employers and their general career expectations, Universum reaches a new record of one million respondents.

The future career-seekers that partake in Universum research provide invaluable data to organizations: About how their employer brand is perceived and positioned among various target groups and on numerous recruitment markets. This data is used to help organizations understand their external brand image and adjust strategy and communications to become more attractive employers to the right candidates.

Data collection at Universum has undergone a true transformation over the years, going from physically distributing paper questionnaires on campuses around the world to using online surveys, and a variety of innovative solutions, to make the process more cost efficient and effective.
“Just 5 years ago, we were traveling across Europe with the trunk of a car filled with paper questionnaires, going from one university to the next to convince students to participate in our study,” said Bas Hagenaars, global head of data collection. “Covering 23 markets in 2010, we reached a little over 300,000 respondents globally. Today, we’ve set a new record by reaching 1 million students and professionals.”

Thanks to an improved partner offering, the use of social media, and a vastly improved user experience when conducting the survey, Universum is able to reach a broader audience like never before.
Petter Nylander - CEO Universum“But most of all, it’s thanks to the hard work of a fantastic team that has enabled us to reach this historic milestone of one million respondents,” commented Petter Nylander, CEO at Universum.

“We’re extremely happy and proud to have reached one million, and are thankful for every single respondent that spent around 20 minutes to answer our survey. But most of all, we realize this is only the beginning, as the quest to reach an even larger pool of career-seekers continues,” concluded Nylander.

About Universum:

Universum is an international company that specializes in the field of employer branding. Founded in 1988, its goal was to improve communication between students and the employers who want to recruit them. Today, Universum’s mission is to help employers excel in recruitment and retention by ensuring improvements to their employer brand. Universum delivers a full range of services in research, strategic consulting and communication solutions that enable employers to better understand, attract and retain current and future ideal employees. Universum is a trusted partner to over 1,700 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, and co-operates with more than 2,000 universities worldwide to conduct research on the career and employer preferences of top talent. Universum surveys on an annual basis 1,000,000 students and professionals worldwide. For more information, go to www.universumglobal.com