Universum Release New Finance Industry Report

Universum Release New Finance Industry Report


Stockholm, September 22nd – Today Universum launched its second report as part of Future Talent Insight Series, focusing on the global financial service industry and the students interested in joining it.
Post financial crisis, the future of recruiting in the financial services industry looked bleak. Trust in financial institutions lagged behind the recovery, making it challenging for companies in the industry to recruit top talent. Across the industry (and in investment banking in particular), employers are doing a better job meeting the expectations of students – something this report will chronicle in detail. Yet it’s important to note that many small changes do not represent a transformation – and the industry still has serious challenges ahead.
A good place for employers to begin is by looking at what companies outside of the industry are doing to attract talent, particularly in those industries that are attractive to high-value talent, and use innovative recruiting and retention strategies. Or, put another way, banks and other financial institutions need to be brave and stop repeating what they’ve tried in the past. Recruiting talent away from other industries will require novel ideas – and let’s be clear, to be competitive, banks must attract talent from other industries.
Each year, Universum surveys the professional expectations of more than 1,000,000 career-seekers from 55 countries, and publishes dozens of reports on the top issues affecting global talent and the companies that hire talent. In this report, part of our Future Talent Insight Series, we uncover what university students look for from future employers in banking, financial services, and insurance – and how companies can translate these findings into actionable steps for HR, recruiting and C-level leadership.

“In this study, we have segmented our research into two cohorts: business students and students in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math)” said Universum’s Global Director of Media & Public relations, Jonas Barck. He continued “To understand these two groups, we compare the attitudes and career goals of those who have indicated they prefer a career in financial services against those that say financial services is not among their top choices.”

For Banking and Finance industry employers aiming to hire business and STEM students , our latest report  offers data driven insights and advice on how to:

  • Define your talent attraction strategy
  • Segment and position your employer branding
  • Plan what internal changes are needed to create a more attractive work environment for business and STEM talent interested in joining the industry
  • Help executives understand how to customize messages by market

Download your free copy of the report here

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