Universum Unveils First Access Social Rankings

Universum Unveils First Access Social Rankings

Employer Branding leaders release their first Employer Branding Social Media rankings based on data from Access Social

New York – November 30th 2017 – Last month Universum attended HR Tech to unveil Access Social, the first Social Media analytics and listening tool of its kind, developed specifically for the Employer Branding industry. Universum has long since recognized the weight Social Media carries in building employer brands in today’s digital landscape.  Currently Access Social platform is only available in Canada, Finland, France, the United States, Sweden and Switzerland but in 2018 Access Social will expand seven more markets including; Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, the UK and Turkey.

“We want to support our clients to become more successful in communicating their employer brands on social media. We know there is a lot of work and dollars that go into building and maintaining an engaging social presence, and the better the employers can be when it comes to resonating with their target audience, the better their ROI will be” said Universum’s Senior Account Director of Americas, Kortney Kutsop.
Kutsop continued “In this ranking we’ve looked at the Most Attractive Employer in the US  and identified the ones with both a Facebook careers and a LinkedIn presence. The employers’ social presence and content has been vetted through Access Social’s Engagement Scoring process. At the same time, we have weighted and aggregated the performance on both platforms, creating a singular social score that is the basis for the ranking. For employers who strive for results when it comes to their social media presence, Access Social will help them measure, plan and and perfect their content and media spend”.

Universum has analyzed data from Access Social to derive a list per country of top performing employer brands on Facebook and LinkedIn. By utilizing and pulling social media metrics from both platforms, Universum will release these national social rankings on a quarterly basis, starting with Q3 2017 data from the US.
The Top 5 Talked About Attributes

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Innovation
  3. Opportunities for international travel
  4. Commitment to diversity and inclusion
  5. Support for Gender Equality

The Best Performing Attributes in Terms of Engagement

  1. Challenging Work
  2. Customer Focus
  3. Prestige
  4. Team Oriented work
  5. Inspiring Purpose

Top Ten Performing Employer Brands on Social Media
ExxonMobil takes the top position due to their high engagement on Facebook combined with a stable effort on LinkedIn. Their Facebook page, puts a lot of emphasis on attributes like Diversity, Opportunities for International Travel/relocation and Innovation. As a strong mover within the Oil and Gas industry,  their engagement is on a different level than many others. Their content is very focused on the target persona they are trying to reach, giving different target groups a message they can relate to. They make a personal connection with their audience.
With a high score on LinkedIn, the US Army is this quarter’s second place holder. Where other company’s’ content is usually overlooked on this platform, the US army has a broad appeal and its unique content stands out compared to other employers in the top ten.
Sitting in third place, P&G (Procter & Gamble) has the best Facebook score of all companies we have compared. However, they lack engagement on LinkedIn, which drives them down from the very top. Their content is focused a lot on their many openings and internships, whilst content focusing on their own employees is also popular. Based on what we can see, P&G works a lot with sponsored content, where some posts have hundreds of likes, followed by a fairly weak organic performance.
In fourth place, Mayo Clinic, has a stronger performance on Facebook than LinkedIn their game. The content posted focuses a lot on their own people and Inspiring Purpose.
Medtronic also focus on communicating messages linked to the Inspiring Purpose of working in healthcare. In addition, they use a lot of their own employees in their posts, by using them as ambassadors for their brand.

Describing the first ranking, Universum’s Managing Director of Americas, Jonna Sjövall said “I’m excited to see a versatile list made up of global giants like ExxonMobil and P&G, together with local competitors such as Mayo Clinic. These top performers are using Facebook and LinkedIn posts to boost their attractiveness as employers by engaging their target talent with relevant conversations.  The list also shows that it doesn’t matter if you are in a highly regulated industry such as oil and gas, finance or health care – you can still engage with human stories”.

To learn more about Access Social and download the Social Rankings, please visit: www.universumglobal.com/social

About Universum:
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