Universum wins iTalent competition

Universum wins iTalent competition

Universum wins the iTalent competition with its newly launched solution IRIS

Social Intelligence and First-in-Class Employer Brand Measurement

New York, May 13th, 2015 — Universum is delighted to win the much acclaimed iTalent competition for its pioneering solution IRIS: The unmatched social analytics platform to tell employers why content works or why it fails. IRIS connects actual talent to employers’ social media content. Presented with employers’ Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter social communications, IRIS uses Universum’s trusted employer branding framework to attach content themes to key employer attributes via an online interface.

This year’s iTalent competition was extremely competitive, but Iris stood out as not only a product that’s at the top of the class for recruiting technology, but also as a solution to one of recruiting’s most pressing problems – meaning that not only does Universum have a best-in-breed social recruiting platform, but also a killer app for a category desperately in need of a tool like Iris.
Matt Charney, Executive Editor, Recruiting Daily and Chairperson iTalent Competition.

The iTalent award is highly respected. Winning it is the ultimate reward for hard work and dedication in improving the field of employer branding. To earn such an achievement shows that Universum is really excelling in its field and is helping to surpass existing boundaries of what can be achieved.

We’re thrilled to win the iTalent award. Being considered was an honor in itself, as the competition was fierce. The award has given us confidence that we’re on the right path; it shows that there is a real need for employers to understand how to effectively communicate and measure their communications activities on social platforms. We’re now extending our Foundation Partner program in EMEA and Asia and launching a 100 beta-licenses in North America.
David Brudenell, Global Vice President Product at Universum.

The iTalent competition is a global award held to celebrate the world’s best technology in areas to improve HR, recruitment and talent management. Annually, the world’s best HR, recruiting and talent management companies submit new technology, designed and used to extensively improve activities in their field. The top six entries are, thereafter, invited to enter the prestigious competition. Every candidate during the event gives a strictly timed, seven-minute HR innovation pitch to an audience and panel, comprising a mixture of leading HR technology experts, industry analysts, HR practitioners and technology investors. Every iTalent pitch is closely analyzed and after the delivery of all presentations, the judging panel and audience vote to select the winner.

At ExxonMobil, social media is becoming an important tool to connect to talent. Social media is very noisy however and knowing what to talk about and when to talk about it is critical. Universum’s social media measurement tool allows us to view the performance of our social media efforts through the eyes of the actual talent we aim to speak to. Matched with Universum’s talent research, Iris helps make sure that we’re highlighting the parts of the ExxonMobil employer brand that matters most to talent.
Jeffrey Paul, Global Human Resource Advisor, ExxonMobil

Please read more about IRIS at: https://universumglobal.com/iris/
About Universum:
Universum is an international company that specialize in the field of employer branding. Founded in 1988, its goal was to improve communication between students and the many employers who wished to recruit them. Today, Universum’s mission is to help employers to  excel in recruitment and retention by ensuring they pinpoint, understand and rectify any improvements that are needed to their employer brand. Universum delivers a full range of services in a number of areas, including; research, strategic consulting and communication solutions. All of which, enable employers to better understand, attract and retain current or future ideal employees. Universum is a trusted partner to over 1,700 clients, including many fortune 500 companies. Universum also co-operates with 2,000 universities worldwide in conducting research on the career and employment preferences of the world’s top talent. To achieve this Universum annually carries out worldwide surveys involving 1,000,000 students and professionals.