US organizations with the best CSR reputation

US organizations with the best CSR reputation

Jacquelyn Smith, journalist at Forbes, reports in her article entitled “Students Name Oil And Gas Firm As The Best Corporate Citizen”, about the organizations that appear in Universum’s CSR ranking (08-08-2013).

According to the journalist, savvy businesses know the value of corporate social responsibility, and the direct correlation to performance and shareholder value. Ms Smith also points out that Universum’s research shows how a company’s reputation in CSR can influence their recruitment activities.

She quotes Melissa Murray Baily, Universum’s president of the Americas, on how students’ choice of employers is influenced by a company’s role in CSR and that it’s an area that employers shouldn’t neglect.

By asking 20,812 business students in the U.S. to choose their ideal employers, and to provide feedback on what makes these organizations so attractive, Forbes explains that Universum was able to present the top 10 employers most associated to CSR.

Smith highlights that Phillips 66, T-Mobile, City Year, among others, are the employers being seen has having a great CSR reputation. Forbes then goes on to quote numerous Universum spokespeople to explain why these organizations succeed in this area.

Lastly Forbes quotes Murray saying that it is surprising to see such a variation of organizations in the list, even some that haven’t had in the past such a good CSR reputation.  Yet Murray emphasizes “that any type of company can lead the way […] to CSR.”

Below please see the infographic of the top ten employers most associated to CSR in the US.