What drives employer attractiveness in 2012?

What drives employer attractiveness in 2012?


The only global index of employer attractiveness once again follows some key global trends in 2012. Across the world, students are putting more and more emphasis on innovation. When students think about Google, the World’s Most Attractive Employer 2012, the first word that comes to their mind is innovation, followed by creativity. Interestingly, for Bank of China, which is the Most Attractive Employer in China, the greatest association is with stability and security, perhaps  highlighting regional differences in preferences.

The differences also relate to the economic climate of each country e.g. Business students in Spain and France are most attracted to the employer attribute of secure employment (more than students in Brazil, Russia, India, and China). At the same time, salary expectations in China has risen more than any other country surveyed.

Despite these regional differences, top employers have strong associations with most of the top employer attributes.

This close relationship between attractiveness and top attributes is observed even across industries.
The Automotive industry closely matches the wish list for Engineering students across the globe, possibly driving it’s positive performance on the index. It has had to focus on constant innovation to stay competitive, it’s associated with challenging work and training & development, and it’s still seen as successful and prestigious.
The results have been mixed for Financial Services. This could be attributed to their relation to top attributes. While it is still considered prestigious, financially rewarding, and challenging, it is less known for innovation and security. Professional Services firms had a similar performance. While some of the top Consulting firms bounced back after a ranking fall in 2011, top Audit firms faced a decline in 2012.
Finally, an employer brand sometimes also reflects market performance and the industry landscape e.g. Nokia dropped 9 places to #54 among Business students, and 22 places to #47 among Engineering students.