What makes an employer attractive?

What makes an employer attractive?

With the release of the world’s most attractive employers* approaching, it’s interesting to answer the question: “What makes an employer attractive?”

Obviously, the question is a complex one, as there are multiple factors to consider – there are various types of employers that appeal to various types of employees. However, if one takes a general approach and wishes to understand “What are the most common characteristics that students around the world consider as important?” The answer is crystal clear.

Surveying undergraduates around the globe, Universum presents the top characteristics in each of the fours drivers of employer attractiveness, being employer reputation and image, job characteristics, people and culture, remuneration and advancement opportunities. What students see as being the most important, and the ones that are typically highly associated to the top ranked companies, are:

Market success
Professional training and development
Leaders who will support my development
Good reference for a future career (employer’s reputation in the market place)

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*For the fifth consecutive year, Universum will be releasing the list of The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2013 based on the nominations of 200,000 students coming from one of the world’s 12 leading economies. Universum will release the results on September 17th, 2013. If you would like to be one of the first to know, sign up to our news alert – click here.