WMAE16 Ranking by Industry

WMAE16 Ranking by Industry

On the 29th of June CNNMoney announced the findings of Universum’s annual, world’s most attractive employers ranking. Universum’s Talent Survey takes in to account the opinions of over 265,000 millennials from the world’s 12 largest economies to find out which companies business and Engineering/IT students find most attractive.

Students were asked to choose the five companies they would most like to work for from a list of World’s Top Employers in each market, based on market presence and recruitment activity. They also have the opportunity to write in the name of a company if it was not included in the list. The rankings are based on how many times the company was selected as one of five ideal employers.

To appear on the list, employers must rank in the top 90% of Universum’s rankings in at least 6 of these economies — the U.S., China, Japan, Germany, France, U.K.., Brazil, Russia, Italy, India, Canada and Australia. Results are weighted by GDP, so a high rank in the U.S. has a larger influence than one in, say, Italy.



Industry Rankings Breakdown and Leaders

In terms of success of positioning high on industry rankings for business and engineering rankings, the most consistent company this year is without a doubt is Google. The technology giant ranked number one in their industry category of software & computer services and due to the overwhelming popularity that Google has over millennials,  the American multinational took the top spot on both the business and engineering/IT rankings.

To add some context to this remarkable achievement we have to look at Google’s competition within the software & computer services. Coming in second place twice, Microsoft can be seen to be hot on the heels of Google in both their industry category and the engineering/IT ranking but failed to make the top 5 on the business rankings, coming in at 7th place. Similarly IBM who came third in the same industry category, ranked 5th in the engineering/IT ranking but ended up in 24th place in the business ranking.

The BMW Group tops the automotive industry ranking coming in at 4th on the engineering/IT ranking and 15th on the business rankings, whilst  Goldman Sachs leads the banking industry having come in at 15th place on the business rankings and 4th place on the engineering/IT rankings, beating J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley, coming respectively in second and third place.

Making its way on the top three for both fields of study, secures Apple’s place as leader of the consumer electronics industry, followed by Sony and Samsung. GE secured its top spot on the engineering and manufacturing industry rankings  by placing 6th on the engineering/IT ranking and 33 on the business ranking  The L’Oréal Group fended off competition  from Procter & Gamble and  Coca-Cola Co to take 1st place in its industry ranking. The L’Oréal Group  appeared at 9th place on the engineering/It rankings and 11th on the business rankings.

The industry rankings below only look at those ranked within the top 50, which explains why some of the industries have only 1 or 2 ranked companies.


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