The World’s Most Attractive Employers are Delivering What Millennials Want

The World’s Most Attractive Employers are Delivering What Millennials Want

NEW YORK, September 23 – Universum, the global leader in employer branding, has released its 2014 rankings of the World’s Most Attractive Employers. Based on Universum’s national student surveys of more than 200,000 business and engineering students in the world’s twelve largest economies, the World’s Most Attractive Employers ranking reveals top choices for today’s young talent.

Around the world, students are motivated by creative and friendly workplaces

When asked about their employment preferences, “a creative and dynamic work environment” is the #1 most sought-after attribute for engineering students globally, and #4 for business students. “A friendly work environment” is also important, placing #6 for engineers and #5 for business students.

“It’s an indication that this generation, no matter where they are in the world, take a different approach to work,” comments Petter Nylander, CEO of Universum. “Students know what a large role work will play in their lives and want to work in an environment that resonates – employers need to invest in cultivating this.”

For engineers, the automotive industry is back with a vengeance

Google is still on top but many automotive employers climbed in the rankings for engineering students this year, showing that this industry is rebuilding its popularity after taking a brief hit.

“As automotive technologies and supply chains become more sophisticated,” continues Nylander, “automobile companies are no longer seen as traditional or old-school places to work.  By focusing on opportunities to be innovative across engineering disciplines, they’re hitting the mark among this group.”

Big Four take the top spots among business students

This year, the Big Four accounting firms asserted themselves as employers of choice around the globe for business students, with EY, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC taking four of the top five spots right behind Google.

“It’s clear that these organizations have taken a data-driven approach to their employer brands” concludes Nylander. “They truly understand the need for a strong company culture, training and development, and other attributes business students are looking for, and invest in providing these things to their employees.”

About Universum and the World’s Most Attractive Employer Ranking

A global research and advisory firm, Universum helps employers excel in recruitment and retention by ensuring improvements to their employer brand. Universum’s World’s Most Attractive Employer (WMAE) ranking is compiled from Universum’s national student surveys conducted in the world’s twelve largest economies. Visit http://bit.ly/WMAE2014