The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2015

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The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2015

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chosen by 240,000 students

across 12 countries

among the top 90% in 6 of 12 markets

The World’s Best

Millennials have ranked the most attractive employers for 2015

Millennials graduating from university today face starkly different economic conditions than their older peers.

Research from Universum details what this generation seeks from future jobs and which employers they most want to work for – Insights hiring companies can use to attract and retain young millennials.

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Millennials are seeking purpose and innovation

And the World’s Most Attractive Employers are delivering just that

Business and engineering/IT students in the world’s 12 largest economies have chosen their favorite employers. More than 240,000 respondents in Universum’s Talent Survey have ranked the companies they find most desirable for employment, as displayed first exclusively on CNNMoney.com. The results delivered some valuable insights.

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Attracting Millennials

As the biggest world economies swing into growth mode and hiring picks up, employers need strategies to recruit and retain top talent.

And far from whitewashing what it’s like to work at a particular company, the emphasis must be on real change such that Millennials are not only attracted to work for a particular company, but motivated to stay.

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The Talent Insights Series 2015

How does top talent think and behave differently, and what are the implications for employers trying to court them?

For employers aiming to hire university graduates, the Talent Insights series offers direction about how to (a) define talent attraction strategy, (b) position employer branding and even (c) plan what internal changes are needed to create a more attractive work environment for young professionals. And for global organizations planning for growth in different regions, the Talent Insights series documents the subtle differences in attitudes by country and by region, helping executives understand how to customize messages by market.

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Social Intelligence and first-in-classs employer brand measurement

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