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Social Media Snapshot
Gain direct insight in how to get your employer branding message across in social media. You will receive the report directly at the end of the survey.

Getting your message across to talent is one of the most important steps in the employer branding process. This report will give you an overview over the most significant behaviours of students in social media including suggestions of best practice from the target group itself

World Talent Acquisition Report – The Universum 2020 Outlook
In January 2015, find out more about the future of Employer Branding and compare how much your activities are aligned with the results from employers globally.

How will employers work with EB in the future, who will be involved internally and what is expected from top management in the future? How do they see the future leaders and what do they expect from them? How is the social media changing employers’ perception of communication and how they distribute their communication budget? How close are marketing and HR working together to create a unified brand? These are just some questions we will answer in the World Talent Acquisition Report, which will give you a view on how you and your colleagues will work with employer branding in the future.

World Talent Acquisition Webinar – The Universum 2020 Outlook
Exclusive webinar for study participants, which will be held in January 2015.

An employer branding expert from Universum will walk you through the results of the World Talent Acquisition Report and offer opportunity to discuss them further with other exclusive participants of this webinar.

Employer Branding Insight Library
Regular updates on publications from Universum in its series of White Papers “The Universum Talent Agenda”.


Receive a free 30-minute call from one of Universum Employer Branding consultants to discuss and get input on the challenges your organisation is facing regarding Employer Branding.