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The Employer Brand Misalignment

The Employer Brand Misalignment

Posted by on Mar 24, 2015 in Article

By Dustin Clinard, Managing Director of North America, Universum It’s a no-brainer that businesses rise or fall on the strength of the talent they attract to key leadership positions. What’s surprising […]

Universum Reaches One Million

Universum Reaches One Million

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Press Releases

Universum Reaches the Unprecedented One Million Mark Gathering invaluable insights on what Talent want from Employers and from their careers Today Universum celebrates a historical moment in its history. Surveying […]

KPIs: Measuring the right thing

KPIs: Measuring the right thing

Posted by on Mar 16, 2015 in Article

Given how much money organizations are spending on employer branding, it’s interesting to see how well key performance indicators (KPIs) measure those efforts. We found most KPIs focus on internal indicators (e.g. retention and new-hire quality) and […]

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For over 25 years, Universum has been surveying students and professionals. This has created the largest body of career preference data in the world.

700 000 students surveyed in 40 markets
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Universum partners with CNN, Wall street journal, China Daily, Le Monde, Forbes, Metro and many more of the world's largest news sites.

Every year, Universum rankings are published by the world's largest media companies. The combined circulation of these partnerships exceeds 12 million graduate and experienced hires.

Employer Attractiveness Rankings

Universum's Ideal Employer Rankings reveal which companies talent are most likely to apply for jobs at.
It is recognized as one of the critical scores in determining a company's ability to both attract and retain talent.

Today's Most Attractive Employers

We survey over 1 000 000 students and young professionals annually. Our research and 25 years of experience make up the foundation for all our insights and factual advice for HR, talent acquisition, recruitment and marketing professionals.

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Ideal Employer Rankings by Universum

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Every year, the top employers as selected by students and professionals are published. See who's on top this year in your country.

Ideal Employer Rankings by Universum

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Employers with consistent messaging, strong cross-border awareness and consideration become regionally ranked. Discover top-ranked employers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Ideal Employer Rankings by Universum

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Employers ranked in the top 90% of all companies, in at least six of the top 12 largest economies, are awarded the distinction of the "World's most Attractive employers.

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This is what some of our customers have to say.

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, J&J

“Partnering with Univerum was key to understand our attractiveness for different degrees in different universities and to draw a strategy that covers some of our core activities, such as strengthening the employer brand, recruiting young talent, fostering pipeline for critical areas and relationship / communication through social media.”

Iongju Almeida

- Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, J&J

“When I think about the insights that Universum provides for us and how valuable it is to our company, I think about the strategy that we use and the approach we have to try to attract really world class talent and we couldn’t do it without Universum’s Insights. What they provide is a really good understanding of who are Talent are that we are looking for and what they want.”

Amida Patel

- Altria
Global Marketing Manager & Recruitment & HR Communication Manager, Shell

“Now that we have a more data driven approach on not only what Shell requires but what the candidate require as well, we’ve been able to develop a strong value proposition and position it to meet the candidates expectations, so we look to ensure that we don’t over sell or over promise. Without Universum we would have never have had the success in terms of the strength of our employer brand in the key sourcing markets, or our ability to reduce our Recruitment costs by over 70 per cent.”

Navjot Singh

- Global Marketing Manager & Recruitment & HR Communication Manager, Shell
The D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern

“At Northeastern, we produce talent that organizations hopefully want to hire. The data that Universum is able to generate through their surveys give us greater insight into the minds of our own students than we get otherwise in what they value in an employer and what they are looking for in their careers.”

Bob Blanchette

- The D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern
Campus Field Strategy Leader, EY

“Employer branding is extremely important – it’s your reputation. Universum has really helped us with our employer brand, focusing on the things that our target audience thinks is really important.”

Barb Nee

- Campus Field Strategy Leader, EY
Director Global University Recruiting, DANAHER

“There are not many other organizations you can find that can tap into students the way that Universum does.”

Ernest Adams

- Director Global University Recruiting, DANAHER

Global Locations

With 28 locations around the world, Universum is a global firm with central offices in Stockholm, Sweden.