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What is employer branding?

What is an employer brand?

Your company has an employer brand, whether you have actively pursued one or not. Every employer continuously signals what candidates can expect, gain and learn from working there. An employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer of choice. A powerful employer brand helps a company establish a strong reputation among possible candidates and stand out in the crowd.In a world that constantly changes, talent attraction has become not only more difficult, but also more mission critical. HR departments are under pressure to navigate among new generations and communication techniques. A powerful employer brand can be built over time with a strategy that successfully ties a company's values with those of the talent groups it wants to attract.

Why is employer branding important?

Employer branding is about defining and expressing the qualities that will make you the ideal choice for the talent you need to succeed. A company with a strong employer brand will be able to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce recruitment costs and fill open positions more quickly. Getting the right talent in place to sustain growth has now become a board and C-level matter. If your company cannot attract the talent needed to meet strategic objectives, you are not utilizing your employer brand fully.

At Universum, we have over 30 years of experience in facilitating our clients’ ability to attract, recruit and retain ideal employees. We can support you in translating talent insights into compelling employment propositions and creating communication strategies that will make the best candidates beat a path to your door.

How can I create an employer branding strategy?

Establishing an appealing internal and external employer brand necessitates understanding of both the talent’s and the company’s needs and desires.

  • What are the career expectations of today’s talent?

  • What are your company’s strategic objectives?

Companies should take a data-driven approach in crafting their employer branding strategy. First it's critical to gather research about your target talent groups and what they value. Then you can begin to define your employer brand's unique identity. In the employer branding discipline, this identity is known as the company’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP). The Employer Value Proposition in its essence, is a set of unique employer characteristics. Once your EVP is in place, its elements should be reflected throughout all your talent facing marketing and communication activities.

If all of this sounds daunting, then we encourage you to explore our content further and even consider participating in the courses of our Employer Branding Academy (EBA). Our flagship course, “Employer Brand Management” course, is a 10-week certified training programme in strategic employer branding for HR, Marketing & Communications and Employer Branding professionals. This course teaches the fundamentals of how to craft, develop and execute an impactful employer branding strategy in a structured step-by-step way alongside real examples and exercises.

Check out the details of our course to:

  • Instantly increase your career value as a professional

  • Build a world-class network of like-minded experts

  • Learn the exact skills you need to attract and retain the very best talent for your company

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