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Terms of Use – Terms and Conditions for Universum’s websites and services

Basic Understanding 

In these terms of use (the “Terms”) any reference to Universum and its products and services shall mean any applicable company with Universum Communications Sweden AB as parent company. Its subsidiaries inter alia include Universum Communications Ltd, Universum Communications SA (PTY) LTD, Universum Communication Norway AS, Universum Business Consulting Shanghai Co. Ltd, Universum Communications Switzerland AG, Universum Communications SARL, Universum Communications Pte. Ltd, Universum Employer Branding Services GmbH, Universum Communications Italy S.R.L. and Universum Communications Inc. 

Use of the services provided by Universum may comprise processing of personal data. All such processing will be made in accordance with our privacy policy, unless otherwise is expressly stated. You can find the privacy policy at the bottom of every page on the Universum Sites, as well as here. The Terms regulate inter alia membership on Universum websites and Universum career profiles including, but not limited to, career- test.com, universumglobal.com, studentoftheyear.com, professionaloftheyear.com, aretsprofessional.se, aretsstudent.se, https://cotf.se/arets-student/, https://cotf.se/arets-professional/, universum-access.com and employerbrandingacademy.com (together referred to as the “Universum Sites” or just a “Site”). By selecting the acceptance checkbox, you accept and undertake to follow these Terms which constitute a binding agreement (“Agreement”) between Universum and you. You also confirm that you are 16 years old, or older. 

A member is defined as a person who has accepted these conditions, completed the registration either on a Universum Site or through an electronic survey and whose account Universum has approved. Membership is personal and may only be used by the person or company for whom it has been authorized. On the majority of the Universum Sites only physical persons may be granted membership. 

You have a limited, terminable, non-exclusive right to access and use the Universum Site only for your personal use. You agree that you are solely responsible for the content of any document, comment, or other material you post to the Site and any consequences arising from such posting. 

You may not sell, transfer or assign any products or services or your rights to any products or services provided by Universum to any third party without the express written authorization of Universum. You agree to not use (or plan, encourage or help others to use) the Site for any purpose or in any manner that is prohibited by these terms or by applicable law. 

Your use of a Universum Site is a privilege. Universum reserves the right to suspend or terminate that privilege for any reason at any time, in its sole discretion. Any content found inappropriate by Universum will be removed from the Site and the profile belonging to the user responsible for the content will be taken down. If inappropriate content containing profanity or malicious comments is found by Universum, the user responsible for posting the content will be banned from using the Site. 

Nothing on the Site shall be considered an endorsement, representation, or warranty with respect to any user or third party, whether in regard to its web site, products, services, hiring, experience, employment or recruiting practices, or otherwise. 

The Universum Sites contains links to third-party web sites. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you and not as an endorsement by Universum of the contents on such third-party web sites. Universum is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites and does not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of materials on such third-party web sites. If you decide to access linked third-party web sites, you do so at your own risk. Should personal data be collected and processed on such third-party websites, the entity responsible for the site is responsible for such processing and the privacy policy of said site applies. 

Universum is not an employment agency or a recruiting firm, and makes no representations or guarantees regarding the effectiveness or timeliness of the Site in meeting the employment objectives etc. 

If at any time you find the Terms unacceptable, you may not use the Site any longer. Any new or different terms supplied by you are specifically rejected by Universum unless Universum agrees to them in a signed writing specifically including those new or different terms. Universum may change the Sites at any time. 

Surveys and Focus Groups 

Members might occasionally be invited to participate in surveys and focus groups. These surveys and focus groups are important sources of information which at times benefit all members by providing reference data e.g., in inter alia their career profiles. When invited to a survey or a focus group, a member is provided with a link that gives him/her access to the survey or focus group. Members undertake not to provide access to the link to any third party and to store the link in such a way that no other person may obtain access to it. The access to surveys and focus groups are always free of charge and you undertake to inform Universum should you be asked to pay in order to participate in a survey. Nor may a member use another person’s membership or the unique link belonging to it. Members undertake to advise Universum immediately if there is any suspicion that a third party has obtained access to or used a member’s personal link. 

On occasion and at Universum’s sole discretion, Universum can decide to arrange competitions and/or challenges or other events where a member can be awarded a prize. Specific instructions to each challenge/competition/event will be posted on the Site. Notwithstanding the foregoing Universum shall always have the right to: (a) end a challenge/competition/event prematurely without notice, (b) deliver a prize that Universum finds suitable. 

Access to aggregated data 

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide and are expected to update any information that is relevant for the user statistics. In return, you may be given access to aggregated (anonymous) data, based on answers from other users, compiled and presented in a way that you can relate to. Universum holds the right to withdraw such access for users who systematically provide inaccurate data or whose activity level is below the accepted threshold of the activity level meter or similar on the applicable Universum Site. 

Student of the Year, Professional of the Year, (Aretsprofessional and Aretsstudent) 

Universum hosts the yearly competitions to find the Professional of the Year (Årets Professional) and Student of the Year (Årets Student). Each yearly competition constitutes of several different categories, which are each sponsored by a company. In order to compete, Members sign up by providing their contact information and uploading CV to our platform. Members might also be able to nominate a friend, whereby Universum will send an invitation to the nominated friend inviting them to the competition. If entering the competition, the nominated friend becomes a Member. 

Members are sometimes asked to answer questions or do a test, which has been decided by the sponsoring companies, to enter the competition. 

In order to compete, Members will be required to – if winning – participate in interviews, including video interviews, that will later be posted on Universum’s Sites and/or social media channels. 

EBooks, Events, Infographics, Webinars and other Marketing Activites 

Universum reserves the right to make, at any given time, any kind of changes, including e.g., changes to the content, – structure, – infrastructure, – scheduling and/or the termination of any of its marketing materials, initiatives and/or activities. 

When registering to any of Universum’s marketing activities (including e.g., eBooks, events, infographics, webinars, etc.) you consent that Universum may use your registration information to contact you and to provide you with further employer branding related marketing information issued by Universum. 

When attending any of Universum’s marketing events (including e.g., webinars, events, awards, etc.) you consent that those events might be recorded (including e.g., videos, photographs), meaning that you consent to appearing in these recordings. Universum might use these recordings for future marketing purposes and/or to communicate about the specific event on its Sites and social media channels. 

Employer Branding Academy/ Employer Branding AcademyX 

Universum reserves the right to make at, any given time, any kind of changes, including e.g., changes to a course’s content, – structure, – infrastructure and/or the termination of any of its employer branding courses. 

Legislation and conduct 

The Terms are governed by Swedish law. 

Members undertake to not in any way affect the software product or the function of any Universum Site (e.g., by performing additions, deletions or in any way changing the applicable Universum Site) and not to introduce any virus, etc., that might cause damage to the Universum Site or information. 

Insofar possible, these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Sweden without respect to its conflict of laws principles. 

Secrecy and intellectual property rights 

Members undertake during their period of membership and thereafter as long as information comprises a business secret, other than for Universum’s business, not to pass on to anyone outside Universum or use for their own purposes confidential information about Universum’s business and work methods with regard to systems, technology, products, designs, programming, etc., without the written consent of Universum. This also applies to confidential information that Universum has received from a third party, e.g., from customers. 

Members also undertake not to use, disseminate, or save information provided by Universum and not to publish or indirectly cause the publication of articles, survey results or other material produced by Universum. 

The Site and all right, title, and interest in and to the Site is the sole property of Universum and is protected by copyright in various countries and international treaties. Except for the limited licenses expressly granted to you in these Terms, Universum reserves for itself and its licensors all other rights, titles and interests. Without limitation on the foregoing, you may not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the content on the Site, or use it in any other way for public or commercial purpose. 


(a) the site is provided on an ‘as is’ basis without any warranties of any kind, express or implied. Universum, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaims all warranties, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement of third parties’ rights, and fitness for particular purpose. Universum makes no warranties about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the site. 

(b) without limitation on the foregoing: 

(i) Universum does not warrant that the site will operate error-free or that the site and its servers are free of computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms. if your use of the site results directly or indirectly in the need for servicing or replacing equipment or data, Universum is not responsible for those costs. 


Universum assumes no responsibility for documents posted by users and no responsibility for the activities, omissions, or other conduct of users. Universum may take any action with respect to user-submitted information that it deems necessary or appropriate, in its sole discretion. 

(a) you assume all responsibility and risk for your use of the site, the internet generally, and the documents you post or access and for your conduct on and off the site. 

(b) in no event shall Universum (or any of its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, affiliates, agents or advertisers), be liable for any non-direct damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data, lost employment opportunity, or business interruption) resulting from or arising under or in connection with the use or access to, or the inability to use or access, the site and/or any document, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not Universum is advised of the possibility of such damages. 

(c) because some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation or liability for consequential or incidental damages, the limitations set forth in the preceding paragraph may not apply to you. if any are held inapplicable or unenforceable for any reason, then Universum’s maximum liability to you for any non-direct type of damages shall be limited to SEK 2 000 in the aggregate. 

(d) in no event shall Universum (or any of its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, affiliates, agents or advertisers), be liable for any direct damages in excess in the aggregate of SEK 2 000 (or, if you are an employer with a services agreement with Universum, the amounts actually paid by you to Universum under this agreement if greater than SEK 2 000). 

(e) Due to the nature of this Agreement, in addition to money damages, you agree that Universum will be entitled to equitable relief upon a breach of this agreement by you. 


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Universum (and its officers, directors, employees and agents) from and against any third-party claims, actions or demands (including, without limitation, costs, damages and reasonable legal and accounting fees) alleging or resulting from or in connection with your use of any Site, any document posted by you, or your breach of this Agreement. Universum shall use reasonable efforts to provide your prompt notice of any such claim, suit, or proceeding and may assist you, at your expense, in defending any such claim, suit or proceeding. 


Universum retains the right to change at any time the structure of any Universum Site and the career profiles, methods, technical specifications, systems and other functions, as well as these Terms. Changes to these Terms come into force seven (7) days after the amended terms of use have been posted on the applicable Universum Site. A member shall always visit the Universum Sites in order to be up to date on the applicable terms of use. 

You may not assign or transfer your obligations under this Agreement. No waiver of any term of this Agreement shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term. 

If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of all or part of a provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining parts and provisions of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect. 

Universum is the sole interpreter of these rules. Users who violate these rules may have their access and use of the Site suspended or terminated, at Universum’s discretion. 

Personal Data and the processing thereof 

Universum processes your personal data only for clearly stated purposes and only in accordance with Universum’s privacy policy. For more information on Universum’s processing of your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy

Posting rules 

(a) Your document may not contain: (i) URLs or links to web sites (to advertise your company or web site); (ii) copyrighted material (unless you own the copyright or have the owner’s permission to post the copyrighted material); (iii) trade secrets (unless you own them or have the owner’s permission to post them); (iv) material that infringes on or misappropriate any other intellectual property rights, or violates the privacy or publicity rights of others; (v) keywords or white text keywords (including any words embedded in the document and hidden from the user); (vi) anything that is discriminatory, sexually explicit, obscene, libelous, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, or hateful; or (vii) anything that is embarrassing or offensive to another person or entity. 

(b) You may not use your document(s) to: (i) impersonate another person, living or dead; (ii) post false, inaccurate, or misleading information; (iii) post advertisements or solicitations of business; (iv) post chain letters or pyramid schemes; or (v) post opinions or notices, commercial or otherwise. 

(c) Your document(s) must contain sufficient detail to convey clearly to the user the nature and requirements of the opportunity, or your qualifications as a candidate for employment or similar. Documents that encourage the user to “email for more details” are not permitted. Documents from any third party charging a fee or restricting complete access to all resume information are prohibited. 

(d) Documents advertising internship opportunities must provide accurate information regarding the opportunity available, including the salary, hourly rate, or credits available for the internship. Universum is not responsible for any changes to responsibility, or conditions advertised by you. 

(e) Resume postings must contain the accurate resume of a living individual seeking employment on a full- time, part-time, or contractual basis on his or her own behalf. 

(f) Although Universum does monitor all documents posted to ensure quality, Universum is under no obligation to monitor candidate profiles and similar posted on the Site, but it may monitor the candidate documents at random. Documents found to violate the above posting rules will be removed at Universum’s discretion. 

(g) Employers are not allowed to post the same internship more than once, and it is Universum’s right to remove duplicate postings to keep the Site clean and useful to all users. 

Stockholm, February 2023

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