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Universum Communication Sweden AB's ("Universum")'s terms and conditions for standard products and services, in addition to these specific terms, shall apply to the trial period to Universum's Access Platform. 

Specific terms:

The trial period begins upon trial account creation and lasts for a duration of 14 days, unless stated otherwise.

The company may only avail of one trial period per year. 

During the trial period, the company is permitted to add as many colleagues within the same organization as desired to access the trial account.

The trial period provides access to data from the year 2022 across available talent segment as described by Universum.

In the event that Universum offers the company a discount in connection to this trial period, the company must confirm their acceptance via a written Agreement between the Parties within 14 days of receiving such offer, unless stated otherwise.

The discount offer is valid only for Universum's 2024 Insights Packages.

Other products or services offered by Universum are not eligible for this discount unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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