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The Nordic’s Most Attractive Employers 2023

On an annual basis, the Nordic students have their say in what they value when looking at new employers and which companies they would like to work for. Find out the key trends and desires of Nordic talent through Universum’s research!

From fall to early spring, Universum have collected answers from the Nordic students and we now have the 2023 results from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark in one compiled report. The Nordic ranking has a massive total number of respondents. It includes opinions of more than 62.500 students, from 102 different universities across the Nordics are displayed in the report.

The data displays the top ranked employers from the compiled ranking along with trends and different behaviours across the four Nordic countries. We can also learn about generational differences and gender gaps across the borders.

Download the report for a short summary of the data. Apart from the rankings of The most attractive employers in the Nordics2023, you will also learn about different career trends and how career preferences differs in between the Nordic countries; How important is sustainability? What is the expected starting salary in each country? What industries are trending? To learn more, you can read the full press release here.

Our methodology for the Nordic ranking:

Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

Compiled from the Universum Student Surveys conducted in 4 Nordic markets

Which employers are being listed?

The Nordic rankings Includes all employers that are in the top 90% of the Universum Ideal Ranking in at least 2 of the 4 markets.

Results are weighted by GDP

This means a high ranking position in Sweden has a larger influence than a high ranking position in Finland.

A default ranking is assigned if an employer is ranked outside of the top 90% of a market.

This ranking is equal to the position of the last company in the top 90% of the market

The Nordic's Most Attractive Employers 2023

Gain valuable insights into student preferences of talent in the Nordics.

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