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A successful launch: The Global Partner Network by Universum

By Universum, 2021-12-14

Universum hosted the first Global Partner Network event aimed at bringing our university partners from different parts of the world together.

On 2 December 2021, Universum hosted the first Global Partner Network event. The event was aimed at bringing Universum’s university partners from different parts of the world together. After many years of working with universities and organizations across the globe, we have been able to see the great insights and value-add that could be shared between everyone involved, through an event like this. The Universum Global Partner Network aimed to increase collaboration and insight sharing in the world of education and career readiness for students and young professionals.

Over 110 representatives from more than 29 countries, in different time zones, attended the virtual event. The theme of this first event was Tackling employability uncertainties. During this 2h30 session, interesting global trends and insights were shared, university Career Service partners from different regions and global employers shared best practices around the topic of employability with a centered focus on the following topics:

  • Connecting students and employers within different market trends.

  • Identifying student expectations for their future careers.

  • Best practices for higher employment rates amongst students and graduates.

  • Embracing new interactions between employers and students during and post-pandemic.

It was great to see this successful venture launched at the end of a very eventful year like 2021! The aim is for the Global Partner Network to be expanded into different initiatives throughout the year and for the main event to take place annually. We are looking forward to many more Partner Network events and initiatives in 2022!

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