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Nordic's Ideal Employers 2014
Universum presents “Europe’s Most Attractive Employers 2014″. The annual talent attraction index compiles the results of the Universum Student Survey in 12 European countries: Germany, France, UK, Russia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Belgium. The index is divided into two rankings: one based on Business students and one based on Engineering students, representing the preferences of more than 130,000 career seekers across Europe. The survey was conducted between October 2013 and March 2014.

The Top 5 – Engineering Students

Engineers are consistent with their choice of ideal employers with only small shifts in the top five: IBM rank second climbing from third, while BMW Group fell from second to third. Google and Microsoft remain in fourth and fifth position respectively.

“Young people today want to work with a company that will enable them to make a difference to the world, and at Siemens there is enormous scope to apply your ingenuity and passion to what really matters. Together with world class development opportunities and a dynamic working environment, this once again makes Siemens the Ideal Employer for Engineering Students across Europe.” Teresa Collis, Head of Global Employer Branding, Siemens who ranked in the top among engineers.

The Top 5 – Business Students

Although Google retains the top spot there are notable challengers in the business ranking’s top five: L’Oréal Group (+1) and PwC (+2). EY (Ernst & Young) lost two positions and is now 4th while Microsoft (+4) continues to climb and is now safely within the top five.

Jean-Claude Le Grand, Senior VP Talent Development and Chief Diversities Officer at L’Oréal Group commented on L’Oreal’s climb: “Beyond just being a highly regarded company on a CV, it’s fundamental for us to know that L’Oréal offers what students are seeking from an employer today. This includes early responsibilities, diversified career paths and meaningful work. This ranking shows that students have a true insight into the adventure of joining L’Oreal: meeting inspirational people, creating, innovating and conquering new markets even today.”

Top Attributes that Students in Europe are Looking for in a Future Employer


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Europe’s Most Attractive Employers 2014

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