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Our work with SEB

During a period of strategic transformation, with a refreshed purpose and new behaviours, how could SEB position itself uniquely to answer the question: "Why work at SEB?”

About SEB

SEB is a distinguished financial services group rooted in Sweden and operating in over 20 countries. With 160 years of history, SEB is renowned for its commitment to innovation and sustainability within the heavily regulated banking industry. This case study explores how SEB partnered with Universum to reinvent its employer branding, aiming to attract top talent in business and technology, and to revitalize its global image as a modern, innovative bank.

Background and Opportunities

During a critical phase of strategic transformation, SEB identified four areas to address:

  • Brand perception: As a bank with a 160-year legacy, SEB was perceived as traditional and slow, contrasting sharply with its forward-thinking and innovative operations.

  • Talent attraction and retention: There was a significant need to engage, attract, and retain business and tech talent crucial for achieving SEB's strategic goals.

  • Global consistency and local relevance: With a presence in multiple countries, SEB recognized the necessity for a global employer branding strategy that allows for effective localization.

  • Competitive differentiation: SEB needed to differentiate itself distinctly from other employers in the industry to become the first choice for potential recruits, moving away from the conventional image of the banking sector.

Collaborative Partnership

Universum and SEB embarked on an in-depth collaborative journey to create a dynamic and impactful employer branding strategy. This strong partnership was the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring alignment, synergy, and mutual understanding at every step. Through close cooperation, we were able to effectively address SEB’s unique challenges and leverage our combined expertise to achieve outstanding results.

The Universum Approach

Continuous Collaboration

Intensive partnership between Universum's project team and SEB’s Employer Branding (EB) team, driving the project forward with strategic and operational alignment.

In-depth Research

Comprehensive market and internal research to develop an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) that is authentic, compelling, and distinct.

Employer Brandbook

Designed an employer brand communication strategy aligned with SEB's corporate brand. The brandbook provided the tools for the SEB team to bring their newly developed EVP to life.

Localisation Workshops

Conducted workshops in various markets to tailor the EVP effectively to local cultures and employment practices.

SEB EVP pillars

We know that the transition to sustainable societies is fueled by connecting people, ideas and capital. With our financial expertise and broad technology capabilities, we strive to find innovative and sustainable solutions that meet our customers' ever-changing needs.

Since 1856, SEB has been driving transformations for a better future. No matter where we work, all of us contribute by bringing fresh thinking, embracing new ways of working, and innovating for a fairer and greener world. Today and for generations to come.

Download the Full Case Study

Explore SEB's successful employer branding transformation. Download the full case study to see our strategy, results, and award-winning EVP.
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Recognition and Awards

We are proud to announce that the Employer Branding strategy we developed for SEB won the first prize in the Best Employer Brand Launch category at the prestigious Rally® Recruitment Marketing Awards! Additionally, SEB’s Global Employer Value Proposition, developed in partnership with Universum, secured third place at The Magnet Employer Branding Awards.

These accolades underscore our innovative approach and commitment to making SEB a top choice for talented professionals worldwide.

So proud and happy to share that SEB won bronze in the Strategy category at the Swedish Championship for Employer Branding - The Magnet Employer Branding Awards. Big thanks to James Barraclough and everyone involved from employer branding, Marketing and Communication and all other amazing colleagues at SEB making this come true including our amazing partner Universum! 🙏 💚 Claes Peyron, Marie-Louise Nowak, Carolina Savatier-Dupré.
Malin Brant-Lundin
Head of Talent Management I SEB
We embarked on this journey to uncover our authentic employer brand and put it into words and visuals, and we did so with the input of thousands of our SEB colleagues globally. We employed a data-led approach, looking to external talent, colleagues, and our leaders for the input to shape our direction forward. After that, it’s all about getting our great people to share their experiences, whether through video, social media, articles, or events. Ultimately, it’s about using data to build a human, employee centric employer brand. We believe we’ve done that and are already seeing some of the results of that, but we know this is a continuous process, so this is really just the beginning. We would like to thank our main agency partner Universum for their support and the Rally Awards for the honor and recognition!
James Barraclough
Employer Branding Team Lead | SEB

Meet the Team Behind the Success

Jim Evans

Global Client Advisor

Claes Peyron

VP Business Development​

Carolina Savatier-Dupré

Strategy Consultant

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