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Enhance employer attractiveness by crafting a powerful EVP

Elevate your employer brand with our insights-led approach. Differentiate from competitors to connect more effectively with target talent. Drive recruitment success with impactful messaging.

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Why develop your EVP with Universum?

Elevate your brand

Decide which parts of your unique culture and values are the most attractive to highlight in creating your brand's distinct position in the talent market. Our years of experience will guide you in picking the right positioning.

Harness insightful strategies

Gain deep insights into what motivates your target talent based on our extensive talent research. Enhance your EVP accordingly to resonate more effectively and to foster stronger engagement.

Achieve strategic alignment

Co-create an EVP with us that mirrors your organizational culture and business goals. This alignment ensures that your employer brand authentically represents your company, boosting its attractiveness to both current and prospective employees.

Improve recruitment effectiveness

Enhance your recruitment outcomes through a well-crafted EVP. A strong EVP can lead to more efficient talent acquisition, better quality hires, and a stronger alignment between your workforce and organizational objectives.

EVP Template

This free template lays out a 2-step plan to an effective Employer Value Proposition and sets the direction of your Employer Brand.

A strategic approach to employer brand development

Discover why a powerful EVP is the key to a successful employer brand and get tips on strengthening your value proposition and attractiveness

Ready to embark on your EVP journey?

Talk to an expert

Request a call with an expert to find out how we can support your EVP work. If you can give us some details, the right person can reach out faster.​

Learn more about EVPs

Get our essential guide on Employer Value Propositions. Find out how Universum's time tested approach yields robust results for our customers.
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