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How can marketing, communications, and HR elevate your Employer Brand?

By Universum, 2023-05-23

While often considered separate and different departments, can collaboration between the two bring more success to your Employer Brand?  

If company size, lack of resources, or lack of knowledge on this topic prohibit you from having a dedicated employer brand team within your company, how can you still make an effort to implement employer branding strategies in your company, and succeed in attracting, recruiting, and retaining top tier talent? This can be done through collaboration between your marketing and communications teams, and HR! 

In order to recruit and retain top talent, a company’s employer brand, or reputation as an employer, is essential. If the employer brand is not strong, your potential candidates will not be either. When an employer brand is strong, it aids in differentiating a business from rivals and improves the quality of candidates applying for open positions. The marketing/communications and HR teams must work together to develop and maintain a solid employer brand. 

These departments are critical parts of every organisation. Even though they are different and independent in their day-to-day work, when it comes to the employer brand, their roles often overlap. Working closely together is crucial for both departments in the fast-paced, ever evolving business environment of today to guarantee that the company’s brand message is attractive, authentic, distinctive, and strategic to potential candidates.  

By developing a unified message across all channels, marketing & communications, and HR can effectively collaborate. A consistent message will aid in building the employer brand and make sure that prospective candidates have a clear understanding of the business. HR should ensure that the hiring process reflects the company’s ideals, for instance, if the marketing team promotes the culture in a particular way.  

Creating relevant material that highlights the company’s culture and values is another way marketing & communications and HR can collaborate. To assist potential and existing employees in understanding what it’s like to work at the company, and why it’s a great company to work for, the information can be posted on the company website, social media, and other marketing platforms. Marketing can provide material that highlights these principles in an interesting and creative way, while HR can offer feedback on which components of the corporate culture are most essential to workers. Candidates that share the company’s values and are more likely to succeed there can be attracted with the aid of this strategy, and existing employees who feel they align with these values are more likely to stay. Unsure of how to successfully deliver these materials? Learn more about to make a creative connection with our Employer Brand Communication service

In addition to creating content together, marketing/communications, HR should also work closely together to manage and assess this content. It’s crucial now more than ever for businesses to keep an eye on their online presence and respond to customer or even candidate comments. Thanks to the popularity of social media and review sites, negative feedback can make or break an employer brand.  

However, do you delete negative comments, or even ignore them? No! It is important for marketing, communications, and HR to develop a strategy for reacting to online reviews and comments, including negative criticism. The harm to your employer brand will be reduced due to potentiall candidates seeing that the company takes negative feedback seriously by responding to it professionally and sympathetically. 

Finally, marketing & communications and HR should work together on projects for employer branding. They can, for instance, develop a campaign that showcases employee testimonies and the company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion. This strategy may enhance the company’s reputation as an employer while attracting applicants that embrace diversity and inclusion. To reach a large audience of possible candidates, this kind of campaign may be marketed on social media, the business website, and other marketing channels.

In closing, from the standpoint of employer branding, the value of HR and marketing & communications working together cannot be stressed enough. Both departments will aid in attracting and keeping top talent by working together to develop a coherent message, producing material that exemplifies the business culture and values, maintaining the company’s online image, and launching employer branding initiatives. When the employer brand is strong, the business’s financial performance, employee satisfaction, and talent attraction will all benefit. To develop a strong and consistent employer brand that appeals to potential workers, it is crucial for both departments to collaborate. 

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