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How do you know how you're perceived by talent?

Enter Universum Insights Platform – your key to unlocking invaluable perceptions and preferences that shape your Employer Brand.

Key Platform Features 

Awareness & Attractiveness: How familiar and attractive are you among target talent?

Talent profile & preferences: What are your target talent groups’ key preferences in choosing an employer?  

Employer brand image: How are you perceived by women vs men? 

Competitor benchmarking: How does your brand image compare with your key talent competitors?  

Universum rankings: Where do you rank among target talent and where are you losing out?

Why Universum Insights Platform? 

With over three decades of trusted expertise and a vast pool of 500,000+ surveyed students and young professionals across 20+ markets, Universum’s data stands unparalleled. Our platform offers a unique attribute framework, allowing you to assess your brand image and pinpoint preferred attributes across diverse talent groups.

Ready to Elevate Your Employer Brand? 

Access the Universum Insights Platform and gain the strategic edge you need to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Turn perception into power – start today. 

Platform Features

Relevant Data Breakdowns

Filter data by university, gender etc. for targeted insights.

Interactive EVP Analysis

Assess EVP alignment with talent preferences and brand image.

Unlimited User Access

Unrestricted access for all team members.

Competitor Benchmarking

Benchmark against relevant competitors for strategic advantage.

Effortless Data Export

Instantly export data into pptx for seamless presentation.

Comprehensive Resource Library

Access Universum's vast resources for expert guidance.

Dive into your Employer Brand image now!

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