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Data-driven Employer Branding

The Benefits of Using Data Data-driven Employer Branding: The Benefits of Using Data

At Universum, we believe that knowledge is power, and that our data will allow you to strengthen your employer brand. A data-driven Employer Brand will allow you to have a better understanding of your current challenges and needs, enabling you to steer your strategies in the right direction

Why do you need a data-driven Employer Brand?

Over 30 years ago, Universum introduced a model of data-driven approach in employer branding in order for companies to better attract, recruit and retain talent. Today, a data-driven approach to business efforts has become a commonly professed objective. Yet, many companies fail to execute a data-driven strategy. Whether it is related to digital transformation, marketing efforts, or recruitment, data is talked about as being at the core of any company. Regardless if it is external or internal decision making.

It is becoming increasingly clear that taking a data-driven approach to Employer Branding is crucial to the success of your strategy. Deciding what, how and where to communicate to be able to attract the right talent is more difficult than ever. However, without having data to support your plan increases the likelihood that you won’t attract the talent you want.

At Universum, we understand the importance of data-driven analysis when it comes to your recruitment process. Our insights tell us that the new generation entering the workforce is more purpose-driven and socially connected than ever before. This means that there are new ways to attract, recruit and retain talent. With the help of a data-driven approach, you can minimize the risk of missing out. Instead, you can strike gold when it comes to attracting the best talent.

What a data-driven Employer Brand means to recruitment

Even when it comes to recruitment and talent attraction, data has been around for a long time to support the decision-making process. For us at Universum, we are no strangers to the importance of a data-driven approach to employer branding. It was over 30 years ago that Universum conducted its first student survey. That survey shed light on how companies could improve their communication by using a data-driven approach.  Today, by having the most extensive career preference data set in the world, we are able to offer companies unique insights into their employer brands’ positioning. Using a data-driven approach to Employer Branding means that you will be able to attract more relevant talent to your company. But that’s not all. Using this approach will not only reduce your costs. It will also boost your retention rate and encourage your top talent to grow within your network.

How to use a data-driven Employer Brand?

You need to understand the external perspective of your employer brand. This will help you manage the expectations of talent and what you need to do to meet or even exceed these expectations. Universum analytics is uniquely positioned in that respect. Through our research, we understand what the talent’s preferences, hopes and dreams are in their employer of choice. Therefore, we can deliver key insights about this new generation of career seekers.

Besides, you might wonder how this helps you in your employer branding efforts. You benefit by being able to position yourself in the most effective way to attract and retain the top talent. By using data, you can, therefore, make well-informed decisions for your communications strategy. A strategy founded on your company’s external perspective. However, do not offer false promises that you will eventually fail to deliver. The internal perspective must meet the external so that you can form your EVP to meet your positioning and strategic objectives. This will help you meet their expectations and erase potential disappointment and in the end, make talent stay.

Making the most of a data-driven approach

Conversation starters
Using qualitative data from trusted surveys enables your company to easily break the ice with potential employees. Therefore, by knowing what the majority of talent are seeking from a company, you have the ability to dive deeper into the details and create a personalised experience.

Data never stops
If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that there will never be a lack of data. It just depends on the quality and relevance of the data you are looking for when it comes to your recruitment process. This means that your company can keep up with the latest trends and adapt to the changing times.

Get closer to the talent
It is important to know where and how talent find information on employers. In addition to understanding what talent is looking for in terms of ideal employers, this has consequences for how you communicate. Incorporating data with your messaging is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Think about using richer and wider content that is employee-driven and story-led.

Online opportunities to learn and grow
Our research indicates that the younger generation has a new preference for learning. Opposed to the traditional classroom environment, they prefer to learn through experience. Therefore online learning has become more accessible and acceptable. Something employers should recognise, encourage and cater for. Find new angles, ways to challenge competences, and new avenues to expand people’s minds.

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