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Overcome talent shortages and stay ahead in the tech industry with guidance from Universum.

Your Opportunity in Today’s Competitive Landscape  

In a tech market where finding the right talent can be challenging, your company has the chance to stand out. By focusing on sought-after areas such as AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, and data science, you're well-positioned to attract the specialists who can help drive your company forward. This is an opportunity to differentiate and strengthen your team with individuals who share your commitment to innovation. 

Watch our webinar: Hiring Tech Talent in 2024

Join us for a 15 min free webinar in which Steve Ward, Country Manager for UK will go through some tips & tricks on attracting tech talent in today's competitive landscape.

How Universum Addresses Your Hiring Challenges: 

Employer Brand & Talent Insights

Do you have a problem identifying your target talent audience? Is there a limited understanding of candidate preferences and market trends, making it difficult to tailor recruitment strategies?

With Universum's Employer Brand & Talent Insights, you can gain a strategic edge with comprehensive insights into candidate preferences, helping you make informed decisions that attract top tech talent.

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Employer Value Proposition

How can you differentiate yourself to tech talent? How do you improve your brand perception in the eyes of your target talent groups?

Differentiate your brand with a compelling EVP that resonates with the right candidates, ensuring you stand out in a crowded market. 

Employer Brand Communications

Do you have clear messaging and campaigns crafted to draw the tech talent you’re wishing to attract? How have you incorporated insights into your recruitment marketing to ensure you are attracting the desired talent?

Universum can help you capture the attention with targeted storytelling that showcases your company's culture and opportunities, making you the employer of choice for tech professionals. 


Do you have running campaigns in the desired channels that will engage the target talent audience you are hoping to attract?

Creating compelling Employer Brand Communications campaigns with Universum can allow you to capture attention with targeted storytelling that showcases your company's culture and opportunities, making you the employer of choice for tech professionals.

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By partnering with us, you're not just hiring; you're investing in the future of your business. Expect a transformative approach that brings forth: 

A distinctive EVP that captures the essence of your company and entices tech specialists. 

Targeted communication strategies that engage the right talent through the right channels. 

A seamless hiring process that turns potential candidates into loyal employees. 

Be part of the elite group that doesn't just adapt to the tech talent crisis but thrives within it. Our dedicated support ensures that your company is positioned as a top destination for the world's best tech minds. 

Elevate Your Hiring Journey Now  

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