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Universum specializes in assessing talent preferences for employers, generating prestigious rankings of the most attractive employers, segmented by fields of study and demographics.

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What are Universum's Employer Rankings?

Universum publishes the Most Attractive Employer Rankings every year in more than 20 countries where we run our global talent survey, CareerTest by Universum. These rankings are a reflection of talent's overall opinion of employers in their countries, and serve as a benchmark to gauge the health of local employer brands.

We publish separate employer rankings based on the preferences of different talent groups based on their main field of study, namely business, engineering, IT, natural sciences, law and humanities.

Universums ranking methodology prioritizes statistical validity, relevance, and independence—ranking employers on genuine market engagement and brand perceptions by talent, not just size. Our commitment to integrity upholds the survey's credibility, making our rankings a trusted benchmark for employers and professionals.

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Why is my company not ranked?

Universum specializes in identifying the qualities that make an organization stand out in the talent market. Our talent survey asks respondents questions about many employers. The Most Attractive Employer Rankings are based on these survey responses. An employer can be part of the survey, but may not have enough favorable responses to be ranked. Alternatively an employer may need to be considered to be included in our survey.

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