Main Rankings

  • Survey specifics
  • participants: 12,380 students

  • universities: 40

  • employer evaluations: 49,748

  • field period: Nov 2014 – Feb 2015

Each year, the Universum student survey reveals how students perceive employers all across the globe. For employers, this research functions both as a basis for decision-making (when choosing target groups, messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns) as well as a control instrument for measuring employer appeal over specific target groups.

The rankings reveal how attractive an employer is for students and indicates its position in relation to recruitment competitors. They enable employers to track and set targets for measuring their brand performance.

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Key findings from Universum Research Finland

In Finland, almost 13 000 students from 40 universities have evaluated their ideal future employers, representing such diverse fields of study as Business, Engineering, IT, Humanities, Medicine and Law.

Look at the infographic below to find out more about Finnish students’ career expectations and preferences.

Finland rankings 2015