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Talent Outlook 2021

By Universum, 2021-01-30

Stay ahead with our 2021 Employer Branding trends and predictions!

An overview of the most recent talent data and predictions for 2021

We have collected the very best future-looking research to help talent leaders understand how COVID has reshaped the world of work, and the most important trends and innovations that will flow from that disruption.

Based on our annual Talent Outlook webinar led by Universum Chief Strategist, Richard Mosley, our latest eBook covers the key topics and trends that HR and talent acquisition leaders should consider and pay attention to this year.

The topics and subjects covered in this free eBook include:

  • The expected turnaround in hiring and the economy 

  • Remote working: here to stay?

  • Why virtual recruiting spurring greater diversity

  • Reskilling and just-in-time talent

  • Talent insecurity

  • Key considerations for 2021

What are the most important talent acquisition and Employer Branding trends for 2021?

Universum's Talent Outlook 2021 eBook offers an overview of the most recent talent data and predictions for 2021.

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